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Engaging with Globality through Dynamic Complexity

Annex C of Engaging with Globality through Knowing Thyself (2008), Dimension 4 of a four-fold exploration. [Engaging with Globality -- Dimension 1: Cognitive Realignment; Dimension 2: Cognitive Circlets; Dimension 3: Cognitive Crowns; Dimension 4: Knowing Thyself]
Multi-global system?
"Bailouts" as "Pornbroking"?
Intimations of fruitful intercourse?
Geometry and topology of thinking and valuing
"Globalizing" the matrix
Closest packing of spheres
Institutional "pantheons"
"Sexual relations" within "pantheons"?
Internalizing a "dodekatheon" to inform the "dodecameral mind"
Communicating a sense of globality through paradoxical complementarity
Integrating "real" and "imaginary" through the plane of complexity

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The following is one example of an exercise envisaged in Playfully engaging with globality through re-categorization and re-classification (in Dimension 4). The context for this exploration of a metaphor with sexual connotations is the subject of a series of comments provided separately as as Annex A (Engaging with Globality through Playful Re-categorizing):

Humour | Playful examples | Logical vs Aesthetic correspondences | Meaningful connectivity
Surfaces and orifices | Consumption and consumerism | "Knowing" another | Courtship | Kama Sutra

The cognitive implications of the metaphor are initially developed in Annex B (Global Governance via a Double-breasted Strange Attractor) and further developed in Annex D (Intercourse with Globality through Enacting a Klein bottle).

As noted in Annex A, this exploration is premised on the assumption that sustainable governance is necessarily sexy -- and if it is not then it is unlikely to be sustainable. By designing sex out of governance, sex has become identified with the problematic shadow of humanity.

ic shadow of humanity.

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