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Adhering to God's Plan in a Global Society

Serious problems framed by the Pope from a transfinite perspective (Part #1)

Authoritative doublespeak?
Comprehension of planning in a global context
Visual representation of planning in a global context
Visually associating incommensurable worldviews and global plans
Distortion of global insight through planar projection
Interpreting exhortation to adhere to God's Plan
Conversion of a plan into a viable cognitive vehicle
Visual caricatures of the challenge of global governance
Relevance of astrophysics to perception of the gravity of global problems?

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The categories in the title together imply a complex framework whose elements, topology and weight are indicative of a dynamic system which is a challenge to comprehension. How indeed can God, Problems, Global, Pope and Seriousness be understood as fruitfully interrelated -- especially as the basis for a Plan, requiring Adherence?

There has been extensive media coverage of recent Papal exhortations. The first concerned world food security on the occasion of the Second International Conference on Nutrition assembling 172 nations (Pope Francis urges solidarity and concrete action in global nutrition challenge, FAO News, 20 November 2014; Pope Francis addresses FAO nutrition conference, Vatican Radio, 21 November 2014).

The second exhortation took the form of an address to the European Parliament (Ian Traynor, Pope Francis attacks EU over treatment of immigrants, The Guardian, 25 November 2014; Nicole Winfield and James Keaten, Pope to Europe: Accept Immigrants, Create Jobs, Associated Press, 25 November 2014; Pope Francis complains of 'haggard' Europe in Strasbourg, BBC News, 25 November 2014). He pointedly argued that "We cannot allow the Mediterranean to become a vast graveyard".

Coincidentally, the exhortations of the Pope have been followed by a second announcement at the European Parliament by Jean-Claude Juncker, the newly elected President of the European Commission. This concerns a major Investment Plan for Europe (Investing in Europe, European Commission, 26 November 2014; Juncker reveals giant EU investment plan, BBC News, Jorge Valero, Juncker's plan: Questions abound : Is this the silver bullet the EU badly needs? Europolitics, November 2014).

Whether the two announcements to the European Parliament should be considered as having been carefully orchestrated, and whether that of the Pope was facilitated by Juncker, will be a matter for history. Ironically the role of President of the European Commission offers a strange parallel to that of the Holy Roman Emperor of centuries past and the special relationship of that role to the Pope's of those times -- a theme various cultivated by conspiracy and end-times theorists (EU Plot To Revive 'Holy' Roman Empire by Creating Super-powerful President, NTEB, 4 May 2012)

The concern here is whether the Christian perspective from which the Pontiff and the President of the European Commission choose to offer strategic guidance to the peoples of the world is as appropriate or legitimate as many would like to assume. Potentially more challenging is the possibility that the Pope is unknowingly addressing the "haggard" condition of the Catholic Church for which he considers wider society to be a mirror. At issue is whether and how the recent pronouncements of the Holy Pontiff should be called into question and interpreted otherwise.

The approach here is to consider the terms in the title as indicative of a fundamental challenge to ordinary conventional comprehension -- irrespective of whether the subtle complexity implied is to be considered from a spiritual or scientific perspective. Reference is made to mathematics and astrophysics to reframe perceptions of the gravity of the situation and the manner in which the "light of truth" may be bent as a consequence. The challenge of planar mapping of a spherical globe serves as a notably illustration.

Articulating insight into God's Plan?
Official visit of His Holiness Pope Francis at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, 25 November 2014
(European Union, 2014 EP-012763)
Pope addressing European Parliament

A similar image was used in discussion of Considering All the Strategic Options: whilst ignoring alternatives and disclaiming cognitive protectionism (2009).

Options: whilst ignoring alternatives and disclaiming cognitive protectionism (2009).

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