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Accepting God's Will for the World

Understanding the Christian mandate given through George Bush (Part #1)

God, wrath and weaponry
Reframing, promotion, exploitation and incarceration

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The world can now be deeply grateful to the American people -- the greatest people on Earth -- for confirming so clearly God's mandate for their Christian leader -- the most powerful leader on Earth -- in the furtherance of the Christian-inspired policies of the world's only superpower. The prayers of American Christians have evoked the comprehensible guidance from God that the world so desperately needs for the 21st century. As the most developed country, the spiritual guidance is reflected in the convictions of the majority of American voters -- the remainder will, as is their custom as loyal citizens, stand dutifully behind their President in whatever actions he deems appropriate.

As noted in the UK by Martin Kettle (The fervour behind the push to put 'America first' : Don't underestimate the centrality of the old belief in manifest destiny, The Guardian, 2 November 2004):

Bush's apparent acceptance of the view that he may be doing God's work in the White House has been much noted in this country as the campaign has wound through the autumn. But this is not some idiosyncratic hubris on the president's part. It is shared by millions of American conservative evangelical protestants, many of whom believe, along with the attorney-general John Ashcroft, that the very existence of the United States is proof of a divine purpose. In that context, the idea that America should reject ties with necessarily less blessed nations becomes existential, an exceptionalism of another order altogether.

The world should be in no doubt that, thanks to the prescience of the American people and their privileged understanding of God's will, the 21st century calls for the following.

e and their privileged understanding of God's will, the 21st century calls for the following.