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Authentic Grokking

Emergence of Homo conjugens (Part #1)

Authentic grokking
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This exploration was inspired by a documentary on the poorly understood displacement of the Neanderthal people by the Cro-Magnon. What skills and attributes did the Cro-Magnon have, and the Neanderthal lack, that enabled this transition? How might we envisage such a transition at this time? Does the key lie elsewhere than through the fashionable understanding of "cultural creatives"? For 60,000 years the Cro-Magnons, lived side-by-side with the Neanderthals, our closest biological cousins who had flourished for a quarter million years -- but then, about 30,000 years ago, they disappeared. From evidence presented by archaeologist Alexander Marshack, it seems that the Neanderthal's extinction may be linked to humanity's first Information Revolution [more]. The question is what happens next, when and how?

t/resource/articles/ar_020.html">more]. The question is what happens next, when and how?