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Relationship hope-mongering

Credibility Crunch engendered by Hope-mongering: "Credit crunch" focus as symptom of a dangerous mindset (Part #15)

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This is a particular, and widely recognized, example of hope-mongering through postponing fulfillment.

It is evident wherever relationships are entered into with an intention that may be explicit or implicit. Obvious variants include:

  • interpersonal relationships: here the most typical example is offered by the dynamics of flirtation, courtship and the possibility of intercourse. This may well take the form of a mutually enjoyable game in which both parties indulge in various forms of hope-mongering, encouraging expectations of fulfillment, or indulging in fantasies about such fulfillment.

  • parental relationship with children: as a special example of an interpersonal relationship, in which patterns of expectation and behaviour are formed. The process whereby children are invited to behave in a prescribed way with the prospect of future reward -- "if you are good" -- might be seen as the archetypal form of hope-mongering

  • entrepreneurial relationships: here it is the dynamics of networking, cultivating contacts, and closing in on a deal. During this process the hopes and expectations of the other party are cultivated, indeed it may be the successful presentation of such possibilities -- through hope-mongering -- that leads to conclusion of the deal.

  • diplomatic special relationships: here it is the relationships between countries that are cultivated, with the diplomatic art being to trade short term concessions for possible advantages in the longer-term -- as exercise in hope-mongering. An important example is provided by the "special relationship" between the USA and the UK -- who has been kidding whom?