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Humour and International Challenges


Humour and International Challenges
Preliminary Proposal
Challenge: Political correctness
Importance of humour

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The Union of International Associations is in process of maintaining and developing profiles of over 30,000 world problems and some 29,500 strategies in response to them. Other databases linked to these include human development approaches, human values and metaphors. This material is largely derived from some 20,000 international organizations that are profiled in a related database. These databases are made available in publications such as the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential and the Yearbook of International Organizations. CD-ROM versions are available and the data is also increasingly available on the Web (see

The Encyclopedia data is being extended under a contract (1998-1999) with the European Commission in relation to biodiversity conservation. This contract explicitly calls for enhancement of user access through multi-media facilities. Funds are currently being sought from the World Bank to further extend information relating to development. These initiatives are designed to encourage widespread participation of users in the further improvement of the data.