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Hyperaction through Hypercomprehension and Hyperdrive

Necessary complement to proliferation of hypermedia in hypersociety (Part #1)

Information overload and information underuse
Arbitrariness / Contingency
Attention as the primary scarce resource
Beyond knowledge: "wisdom"?
"Hypercomprehension" and "Hyperknowing"?
Modelling hypercomprehension
"Hyperspace" and memory architecture
Hyperorganization, hypergroups and hyperdialogue?

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This is an exploration of a necessary response to the proliferation of knowledge in various forms through hypermedia, beyond the many simple measures to limit exposure to it. The constraints on such a response are reviewed, notably the mortality of proponents of particular views and their theories, the variety of preferences, complacency and the misguided efforts to mobilize others in support of a particular perspective. In this context, attention is seen as the primary scarce resource. This raises questions about the implications for "wisdom" of future hyperconnectivity, and any associated hyperintelligence, in a world increasingly dominated by hyperreality.

The focus is on possible forms of hypercomprehension, informing appropriately subtle hyperaction, capable of responding to the hyperproblems of the times -- including hyperexploitation and hyperviolence. This hyperaction is seen to be dependent on a new form of hyperdrive -- hypermotivation -- calling for a quality of creative thinking and innovation analogous to that currently deployed in relation to hyperdrive physics. The emphasis here is on "hyper" as indicative of a qualitatively higher order rather than on some normative measure of greater, even dysfunctionally excessive, quantity.

A model of hypercomprehension is proposed in an annex that explores the "plucking" of tensed strings (as analogues to the polarities that destabilize coherent responses). This highlights the possibility of significance associated with particular intermediate positions between the polar extremes. It points to a musical metaphor for the integration of more complex forms of value-based choice-making.

a musical metaphor for the integration of more complex forms of value-based choice-making.

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