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Higher Orders of Inter-sectoral Consensus

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[2015]:  Models: M-theory as indicative of meta-modelling potential? Weather Metaphors as Whether Metaphors (Part 10/14+Refs)

[2009]:  Creative agreements and business models Reframing Strategic Dilemmas through 12 Modes (Part 6/13)

[2009]:  Transformative dialogue, meetings and strategies Reframing Strategic Dilemmas through 12 Modes (Part 5/13)

[2009]:  Transcending Agreement vs Disagreement Enabling Strategies for Viable Futures (Part 3/20+Refs)

[2007]:  Specific concerns Resonances between Challenging Psychosocial Change Initiatives: Selected web resources (Part 4/4)

[2004]:  Polarity: agreement-disagreement Distinguishing Emergent Conceptual Polarities: experimental ordering of a collection of research papers (Part 3/16)