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World Ignorance Council

contra-puntal organization / conformal

promotion of ignorance

ignorance of wisdom -- wisdom of ignorance


Encylopedia of Ignorance


Learning ignorance

  • how to unlearn


  • discover how what one knows obscures what one does not


  • with the wise
  • with the ignorant


  • claiming a quality is to have it not
  • profession of ignorance is a mark of wisdom -- profession of wisdom is a mark of ignorance
  • Tao -- wisdom out the window
  • we are wise
  • widom keepers

Ignorance divisions:

  • gender
  • age
  • ability
  • aspect -- beauty / ugliness
  • skills


Dynamics of ignorance

  • empty hand / shadow
  • round the corner
  • find the lady


  • humility -- meek / presumptuous
  • celebrate reality of normal comprehension
  • mystery of the moment

constructing with ignorance

School of Ignorance

Ignoble Prize

Alien Communication

not knowing vs knowing

synthesis dialogues

aesthetics: tying one hand behind back

better able to encounter others of different persuasion