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Living with Incomprehension and Uncertainty

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[2016]:  Global Incomprehension of Increasing Violence: Matching incapacity to question the reason why (Parts=7+Refs)

[2016]:  Variety of System Failures Engendered by Negligent Distinctions: Mnemonic clues to 72 modes of viable system failure from a demonic pattern language (Parts=10+Refs)

[2015]:  Radicalisation of Existence and Identity: Recognizing the global emergence and influence of daimonic dynamics (Parts=13+Refs)

[2015]:  Issuance of Vatican Passports to Trans-Mediterranean Immigrants: A Modest Proposal Worthy of the 21st Century? (Parts=8+Refs)

[2015]:  Dying to Live, Living to Die, Lying to Live, and Living a Lie : Should American li(v)es be saved at all costs? (Parts=15+Refs)

[2015]:  Embodying Global Hegemony through a Sustaining Pattern of Discourse: Cognitive challenge of dominion over all one surveys (Parts=10+Refs)

[2015]:  Counteracting Extremes Enabling Normal Flying: Insights for global governance from birds on the wing and the dodo (Parts=11+Refs)

[2014]:  Quantum Wampum Essential to Navigating Ragnarok : Thrival in crisis through embodying turbulent flow (Parts=11+Refs)

[2014]:  The-O ring: Theory, Theorem, Theology, Theosophy?: A playful intercultural quest for fruitful complementarity (Parts=8+Refs)

[2014]:  Reimagining Tesla's Creativity through Technomimicry: Psychosocial empowerment by imagining charged conditions otherwise (Parts=14+Refs)

[2014]:  Embodying a Hypercomplex of Unhygienic Nescience: Questionable connectivity enabling apprehension of matters otherwise (Parts=13+Refs)

[2014]:  Systemic Reliance of World Religions on Human Sacrifice : Covert use of fatal conflict to ensure vital resource management (Parts=10+Refs)

[2014]:  Resource Insights from Plus or Minus 12 People on a Liferaft: Thought experiment to highlight global dilemmas in a comprehensible context (Parts=7+Refs)

[2014]:  Is the World View of a Holy Father Necessarily Full of Holes? : Mysterious theological black holes engendering global crises (Parts=13+Refs)

[2014]:  Correspondences between Traditional Constellations and Pattern Languages: Requisite simplexity for sustainable comprehension of complexity (Parts=9+Refs)

[2014]:  Systemic Equivalences between Ebola, Alien Invasion and Dissidence: Strategic implications of seemingly disparate forms of terrorism (Parts=11+Refs)

[2014]:  Being neither Dead nor Alive: But how to know now? (Parts=12+Refs)

[2013]:  Psychosocial Implication of Without Within : Enjoying going solar for oneself (Parts=11+Refs)

[2013]:  Wholth as Sustaining Dynamic of Health and Wealth: Cognitive dynamics sustaining the meta-pattern that connects (Parts=12+Refs)

[2013]:  Being a Potential Waveform as an Experiential Choice: Emergent dynamic qualities of identity and integrity (Parts=13+Refs)

[2013]:  University of Ignorance : Engaging with nothing, the unknown, the incomprehensible, and the unsaid (Parts=14+Refs)

[2013]:  Marrying an Other whatever the Form: Reframing and Extending the Understanding of Marriage (Parts=14+Refs)

[2013]:  Reimagining Principles Enabling an Existential Ecostery: Engendering out-of-the-box awareness and its transformation (Parts=19+Refs)

[2013]:  Going Nowhere through Not-knowing Where to Go : Sustaining the process of autopoiesis through point-making (Parts=11+Refs)

[2013]:  Potential of Feynman Diagrams for Challenging Psychosocial Relationships?: Comprehending the neglect of an unexplored possibility (Parts=9+Refs)

[2013]:  Sensing Epiterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) : Embedding of extraterrestrials in episystemic dynamics? (Parts=14+Refs)

[2013]:  Metaphors To Die By: Correspondences between a collapsing civilization, culture or group, and a dying person (Parts=13+Refs)

[2013]:  Vigorous Application of Derivative Thinking to Derivative Problems: Transcending bewailing, hand-wringing and emotional blackmail (Parts=10+Refs)

[2012]:  Tweeter, Tweeter, Little Star; How I wonder what you are (Parts=1)

[2012]:  In Quest of a Dynamic Pattern of Transformations: Sensing the strange attractor of an emerging Rosetta Stone (Parts=9+Refs)

[2012]:  Paradoxes of Engaging with the Ultimate in any Guise: Living Life Penultimately (Parts=6+Refs)

[2012]:  Engendering 2052 through Re-imagining the Present: Review of 2052: a Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years as presented to the Club of Rome (Parts=15+Refs)

[2012]:  Eightfold Configuration of Nested Cycles of Cognitive Transformations: Meta-pattern of connectivity through a hypersphere? (Parts=11+Refs)

[2012]:  Enabling Wisdom Dynamically within Intertwined Tori : Requisite resonance in global knowledge architecture (Parts=10+Refs)

[2012]:  Towards the Dynamic Art of Partial Comprehension (Parts=9+Refs)

[2012]:  Towards the Systematic Reframing of Incomprehension through Metaphor (Parts=6+Refs)

[2012]:  Convergence of 30 Disabling Global Trends : Mapping the social climate change engendering a perfect storm (Parts=7+Refs)

[2012]:  Beware of Legality, Accountability, Marketability, Security! : Be where the Four Hoarsemen of the Apocalypse are not? (Parts=9+Refs)

[2012]:  Transforming and Interweaving the Ways of Being Stoned: Imagination, Promise, Rocks, Memorials, Petrification (Parts=12+Refs)

[2012]:  Everything as a Metaphorical Theory of Everything: Not excluding nonsense, nothingness, the inexplicable, the irrelevant and their rejection (Parts=1)

[2012]:  Transforming the Art of Conversation: Conversing as the transformative science of development (Parts=14+Refs)