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Living with Incomprehension and Uncertainty

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[2016]:  Disastrous Floods as Indicators of Systemic Risk Neglect: Implications for authoritative response to future surprises (Parts=13+Refs)

[2012]:  Towards the Dynamic Art of Partial Comprehension (Parts=9+Refs)

[2012]:  Towards the Systematic Reframing of Incomprehension through Metaphor (Parts=6+Refs)

[2012]:  Configuring the Varieties of Experiential Nothingness (Parts=5+Refs)

[2012]:  Requisite Childlike Cognition for Integration of "Heaven"? (Parts=3)

[2012]:  Way Round Cognitive Ground Zero and Pointlessness?: Embodying the Geometry of Fundamental Cognitive Dynamics (Parts=15+Refs)

[2011]:  Anticipating Future Strategic Triple Whammies : In the light of earthquake-tsunami-nuclear misconceptions (Parts=7+Refs)

[2011]:  Reintegration of a Remaindered World : Cognitive recycling of objects of systemic neglect (Parts=14+Refs)

[2011]:  Monkeying with Global Governance: Emergent dynamics of three wise monkeys in a knowledge-based society (Parts=15+Refs)

[2011]:  ¿ Higher Education ∞ Meta-education ?: Transforming cognitive enabling processes increasingly unfit for purpose (Parts=9+Refs)

[2011]:  Mathematical Theology: Future Science of Confidence in Belief: Self-reflexive Global Reframing to Enable Faith-based Governance (Parts=9)

[2011]:  International Institute of Advanced Studies in Mathematical Theology: Enabling Proposal for Faith-based Governance (Parts=5)

[2011]:  Mapping Paralysis and Tokenism in the Face of Potential Global Disaster: Why nobody is about to do anything effective and what one might do about it (Parts=11+Refs)

[2011]:  Map of Systemic Interdependencies None Dares Name: Challenge of global life and death (Parts=2+Refs)

[2011]:  The Consensus Delusion : Mysterious attractor undermining global civilization as currently imagined (Parts=14+Refs)

[2011]:  Exploration of Prefixes of Global Discourse: Implications for sustainable confidelity (Parts=4)

[2011]:  Living as an Imaginal Bridge between Worlds : Global implications of betwixt and between and liminality (Parts=17+Refs)

[2010]:  Interweaving Thematic Threads and Learning Pathways: Noonautics, Magic carpets and Wizdomes (Parts=8+Refs)

[2010]:  Sustaining a Community of Strange Loops: Comprehension and engagement through aesthetic ring transformation (Parts=5)

[2010]:  Mapping the Global Underground: Articulating Insightful Population Constraint Consideration (IPCC) (Parts=12+Refs)

[2010]:  Enabling Collective Intelligence in Response to Emergencies : Illustrated by the case of deep oil spill containment (Parts=10)

[2010]:  Cognitive Implications of Lifestyle Diseases of Rich and Poor: Transforming personal entanglement with the natural environment (Parts=13+Refs)

[2010]:  Re-Emergence of the Language of the Birds through Twitter?: Harmonising the configuration of pattern-breaking interjections and expletives (Parts=11+Refs)

[2010]:  Engaging with the Inexplicable, the Incomprehensible and the Unexpected (Parts=23)

[2009]:  Us and Them: Relating to Challenging Others: Patterns in the shadow dance between good and evil (Parts=12+Refs)

[2009]:  Emerging Memetic Singularity in the Global Knowledge Society (Parts=6+Refs)

[2009]:  Lipoproblems: Developing a Strategy Omitting a Key Problem: The systemic challenge of climate change and resource issues (Parts=15)

[2009]:  Abuse of Faith in Governance: Mystery of the Unasked Question (Parts=15+Refs)

[2008]:  Responsibility for Global Governance: Who? Where? When? How? Why? Which? What? (Parts=1)

[2008]:  Institutionalized Shunning of Overpopulation Challenge: incommunicability of fundamentally inconvenient truth (Parts=15+Refs)

[2008]:  Stepping into, or through, the Mirror: embodying alternative scenario patterns (Parts=10+Refs)

[2008]:  Memetic and Information Diseases in a Knowledge Society: speculations towards the development of cures and preventive measures (Parts=15+Refs)

[2008]:  Geo-engineering Oversight Agency for Thermal Stabilization (GOATS) (Parts=8+Refs)

[2008]:  Being What You Want: problematic kataphatic identity vs. potential of apophatic identity? (Parts=11+Refs)

[2007]:  Transforming Static Websites into Mobile "Wizdomes": enabling change through intertwining dynamic and configurative metaphors (Parts=20+Refs)

[2007]:  Tuning a Periodic Table of Religions, Epistemologies and Spirituality: including the sciences and other belief systems (Parts=16+Refs)

[2007]:  Emergence of a Global Misleadership Council: misleading as vital to governance of the future? (Parts=12+Refs)

[2007]:  Framing the Interplay of Leadership and Misleadership: in the light of the coaction cardioid and the Mandelbrot set (Parts=5)

[2004]:  Dynamically Gated Conceptual Communities: Emergent patterns of isolation within knowledge society (Parts=14+Refs)

[2003]:  Global Strategic Implications of the Unsaid: from myth-making towards a wisdom society (Parts=6)

[2003]:  New Paradigms via a Renewed Set of Prefixes: Dependence of international policy-making on an array of operational terms (Parts=11+Refs)

[2001]:  Composing the Present Moment: celebrating the insights of Marsilio Ficino: Celebrating the insights of Marsilio Ficino interpreted by Thomas Moore (Parts=4+Refs)

[1998]:  Enhancing Sustainable Development Strategies through Avoidance of Military Metaphors (Parts=10)

[1994]:  The Future of Leadership: reframing the unknown (Parts=4+Refs)

[1993]:  Axes of Bias in Inter-cultural Dialogue (Parts=1)

[1993]:  Systems of Categories Distinguishing Cultural Biases: with notes on facilitation in a multicultural environment (Parts=9)

[1980]:  Societal Learning and the Erosion of Collective Memory: a critique of the Club of Rome Report: A critique of the Club of Rome Report: No Limits to Learning (Parts=23)

[1976]:  Limits to Human Potential (Parts=60)