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[2015]  Embodying Strategic Self-reference in a World Futures Conference  (Parts=6+Refs)
[2015]  Communication Constraints  (Parts=1)
[2014]  Supplementary References for Blackbird Song  (Parts=1)
[2013]  Burnies versus Greenies? Refocusing the communication challenge for the Greens  (Parts=3)
[2012]  Orbiting Round Nothingness across Communication Space  (Parts=8)
[2011]  Mind Map of Global Civilizational Collapse   (Parts=7+Refs)
[2011]  Gruesome but Necessary: Global governance in the 21st Century?  (Parts=10+Refs)
[2011]  Bibliography of Relevance to Mathematical Theology  (Parts=1)
[2011]  Bibliography of Betwixt and Between  (Parts=1+Refs)
[2010]  Writing Guidelines for Future Occupation of Earth by Extraterrestrials  (Parts=4+Refs)
[2010]  Transcending One-eyed Global Modelling Perspectives   (Parts=10+Refs)
[2010]  Enabling Governance through the Dynamics of Nature   (Parts=16+Refs)
[2009]  Generic Reframing of the 12 Tribes of "Israel"  (Parts=13)
[2009]  Entangled Tales of Memetic Disaster  (Parts=1)
[2009]  Enabling Strategies for Viable Futures  (Parts=20+Refs)
[2009]  Emerging Memetic Singularity in the Global Knowledge Society  (Parts=6+Refs)
[2009]  Conversion of Global Hot Air Emissions to Music  (Parts=10+Refs)
[2009]  Considering All the Strategic Options   (Parts=17)
[2008]  Strategic Challenge of Polysensorial Knowledge: bringing the "elephant" into "focus"  (Parts=14+Refs)
[2008]  Memetic and Information Diseases in a Knowledge Society: speculations towards the development of cures and preventive measures  (Parts=15+Refs)
[2008]  Engendering the Future through Self-reflexive Group Initiatives  (Parts=13+Refs)
[2008]  Communication with Whom, about What, Where and Why?  (Parts=6)
[2008]  Coherent Value Frameworks: Pillar-ization, Polarization and Polyhedral frames of reference  (Parts=8)
[2008]  Any Evidence of Collective Intelligence  (Parts=1)
[2007]  Union of Intelligible Associations: Keystones vs Keynotes?  (Parts=1)
[2007]  History of Participant Interaction Messaging (1979-1995)  (Parts=2)
[2007]  From ECHELON to NOLEHCE: enabling a strategic conversion to a faith-based global brain  (Parts=13+Refs)
[2007]  Consciously Self-reflexive Global Initiatives: Renaissance zones, complex adaptive systems, and third order organizations   (Parts=11)
[2006]  Proportionate Response in the Eye of the Beholder  (Parts=23+Refs)
[2006]  Handing Over: Handy metaphors for the communication of intent  (Parts=15+Refs)
[2006]  Governance and Spin in the Knowledge Universe: Implications for governance, sustainability and alternatives  (Parts=4)
[2006]  Epistemological Challenge of Cognitive Body Odour: exploring the underside of dialogue  (Parts=7+Refs)
[2006]  Enabling a Living Library: reconciling "free voices" and "intellectual propriety"   (Parts=7)
[2006]  Diversity of Understandings of any Universe of Information: from matter-as-information to cosmic consciousness   (Parts=10)
[2006]  Diversity of Understandings of any Universe of Information: from matter-as-information to cosmic consciousness   (Parts=11)
[2005]  Information Culture of the Union of International Associations  (Parts=8)
[2005]  Cui Bono: Groupthink vs Thinking the Unthinkable? Reframing the suffocating consensus in response to 7/7  (Parts=22+Refs)
[2004]  Self-reflexive Learnings from Writing  (Parts=14+Refs)
[2004]  Functional Complementarity of Higher Order Questions: psycho-social sustainability modelled by coordinated movement  (Parts=14)
[2004]  Attitude Entrainment: Communicating thrival skills and insights  (Parts=7+Refs)
[2004]  Animating the Representation of Europe  (Parts=6+Refs)
[2003]  Politicization of Evidence in the Plastic Turkey Era: al-Qaida, Saddam, Assassination and the Hijab  (Parts=4+Refs)
[2002]  World Governance Cookery Book  (Parts=9)
[2002]  Warping the Judgement of Dissenting Opinion: towards a general framework for comparing distortion in rules of evidence  (Parts=6)
[2001]  Sharing a Documentary Pilgrimage: UIA -- Saur Relations  (Parts=1)
[2000]  Strategic Clues for Alien Communication: Communicating with Aliens (Part II)  (Parts=3)
[2000]  From Glo-Ball-ization to Lo-Cal-ization  (Parts=1)
[1999]  Communication between Visual Network and Sounds  (Parts=1)
[1999]  Coherent Policy-making Beyond the Information Barrier  (Parts=8+Refs)
[1999]  Beyond Sun, Sea and Sex: Conference marketing and communication issues of the future   (Parts=1)
[1999]  Aesthetics and Informatics: Art of Information for Policy-making and Community-building  (Parts=5)
[1998]  Meaningful Association  (Parts=1)
[1997]  Why and Wherefore of Communication  (Parts=1)
[1997]  Transformation Metaphors: dialogue, vision, conferencing, policy, network, community and lifestyle  (Parts=2)
[1997]  The Third Twist: Self-reference and Territorializing the Map  (Parts=1)
[1996]  Musings on Information of Higher Quality  (Parts=1)
[1996]  From Information Highways to Songlines of the Noosphere: Global configuration of hypertext pathways as a prerequisite for meaningful collective transformation  (Parts=12+Refs)
[1996]  Facilitating Community through Information: suite of software-enabled participation tools  (Parts=10)
[1995]  Form and communication: Embracing difference (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Document control and strategy description: Method (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Document control and problem description: Method (World Problems Project)
[1995]  Communication through symbols: Significance (Metaphor Project)
[1995]  Augmented hypertext editing: Interactive database use (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1993]  Software Concerns of the Union of International Associations  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Bibliographical References and Notes: Poetry-making and Policy-making (Part O)  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Coded Checklist of Earth Summit Issues: Comments on Document Processing Procedure  (Parts=1)
[1987]  Variety of Information Policies (Table)  (Parts=1)
[1987]  Reflections on Associative Constraints and Possibilities in an Information society  (Parts=7+Refs)
[1987]  Dimensions of the Information Society (Table)  (Parts=1)
[1986]  Difficulties in the Transfer of Information between Languages  (Parts=11)
[1981]  In Search of Transformational Pathways: bibliography of studies conductedfrom 1962 to 1981  (Parts=10)
[1981]  INTERCONTACT: an on-line information system on international organizations and conferences  (Parts=1)
[1980]  Utilisation de la Documentation Internationale  (Parts=18)
[1980]  Utilisation of International Documentation  (Parts=13+Refs)
[1980]  Societal Learning and the Erosion of Collective Memory: References  (Parts=1)
[1980]  Needs Communication: viable need patterns and their identification  (Parts=13+Refs)
[1980]  Minding the Future: a thought experiment on presenting new information  (Parts=9)
[1979]  Computer-enhanced Communication Environment for an International Conference Centre  (Parts=17)
[1978]  Representation, Comprehension and Communication of Sets: the Role of Number (References)  (Parts=1)
[1978]  Representation, Comprehension and Communication of Sets: the Role of Number (Notes)  (Parts=3)
[1978]  Representation, Comprehension and Communication of Sets: the Role of Number (Parts 1-3)  (Parts=11)
[1978]  Representation, Comprehension and Communication of Sets: the Role of Number  (Parts=1)
[1978]  Mapping Possibilities in Response to Information Needs of Science Policy-making for Development  (Parts=8+Refs)
[1978]  Information Mapping for Development   (Parts=8)
[1977]  Presentation of Information and its Educational Role in Response to Complexity  (Parts=7)
[1977]  Computer Conferencing as a Means of Enhancing Communication at a Large Conference / Festival  (Parts=8)
[1977]  A Meeting-related Information Exchange Facility -- within a computer conferencing environment  (Parts=12+Refs)
[1976]  The Network Alternative  (Parts=1)
[1975]  Information Centre on Social Innovation  (Parts=5)
[1973]  Networking Concept as Applied to Information Systems  (Parts=3)
[1973]  Documentation or Knowledge?: Toward a computerised inventory  (Parts=2)
[1972]  L'Acquisition et l'Organisation de la Documentation Internationale  (Parts=6)
[1972]  Information Needs and the Consultative Relationship in the Second United Nations Development Decade  (Parts=1)
[1972]  Acquisition and Organization of International Documentation  (Parts=6+Refs)
[1971]  Sketch of a World Action-Potential Information System   (Parts=3)
[1971]  Report on the Programme to Investigate and Implement a Computer-based Information System at UIA  (Parts=1)
[1971]  Opportunities and Dangers in the Development of NGO Information Systems  (Parts=4)
[1971]  Information Systems and Inter-Organizational Space  (Parts=10+Refs)
[1971]  Design of an information system to facilitate the production of concept thesauri by different schools of thought  (Parts=4)
[1970]  Sketch of a World Action-Potential Information System  (Parts=1)
[1970]  Report of the Committee on Scientific and Technical Communication: Commentary  (Parts=1)
[1970]  Report of the UN Center for Economic and Social Information: Commentary  (Parts=1)
[1970]  Information Needs and the Consultative Relationship: in the Second United Nations Development Decade  (Parts=3)
[1970]  Concept of the Future UN Development Information System  (Parts=8)
[1969]  Need for a World Management Information System to Assist Initiation and Coordination of Global Development Programmes  (Parts=12)
[1969]  Need for a World Management Information Network  (Parts=11)
[1969]  Improvement of Communication within the World System)  (Parts=6)
[1969]  Improvement of Communication within the World System  (Parts=13)
[1969]  Impact of the Computer / Communication / Information Revolution on Non-governmental Organizations  (Parts=24)
[1969]  Description of a Proposed Information System to Facilitate Contact between Organizations  (Parts=16)
[1969]  Computer-based Information Centre on Organizations and Entities  (Parts=15)
[1965]  International Cooperation, Communication and Sources of Information  (Parts=10)
[1964]  Proceedings of International Meetings: Analysis of a bibliography  (Parts=6)