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Spherical Configuration of Interlocking Roundtables

Internet enhancement of global self-organization through patterns of dialogue (Part #1)

This paper endeavours to interrelate some threads explored in earlier papers accessible on the web.

Specialized thematic dialogues
Global configuration of specialized dialogues
"Global" as a conceptual challenge to comprehension
Interlocking the "local" roundtables: from "weak" to "strong" bonding?
Illustrative face-to-face experiment
Requisite global constraint
Global constraint avoidance
Electronic conferencing opportunity -- and trap
Global architecture possibilities
Implementation: communication constraints and facilitation
Implementation: alternative understandings of global patterning
Distinguishing levels of information to be transferred
Repository of available global patterns
Designing-in separation as a means of embodying diversity
Implications: the future of the web
Implications: global democracy
Implications: alternative organization design
Implications: transdisciplinarity and knowledge ecology
Implications: "universal" values and "global" ethics
Implications: individual self-image
Implications: "global" strategy
Implications: initiatives of "the shadow"

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Specialized thematic dialogues

Many issues and remedial responses are articulated through specialized thematic conferences and dialogues, whether face-to-face or electronically. Such events may usefully be termed "roundtables" in this paper, for reasons that will become apparent. It is characteristic of such events that they tend to make little reference to roundtables on related or contrasting themes. In this sense the roundtables are thematically "local" (in a non-geographical sense) and beg the question as to how their insights are to be integrated within a thematically "global" (or conceptually comprehensive) context. Aspects of this local/global question have been articulated in a separate paper: Future generation through global conversation (1997).

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