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Social development

Transnational Action through NGO Networks (Part #11)

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27. Facilitating and stimulating the emergence of organizations at the community and provincial level leads to an overflow of organized social activity onto the national and transnational level.


  • studies on the facilitation of international activity should break down the artificial separation between international, national and local data. Systematic facilitation of local association activity within a country should be seen as contributing to increased international activity.

28. The development of each organization generally has second and third order consequences harmful to its natural or social environment. These consequences can form the focus of concern and the field of action of new organizations in a manner significant to social development.


  • study should be made to establish a healthy range for the number of social tensions and problems as opportunities for the involvement of more people in the response process, thus contributing to their own social development;
  • means should be developed to identify the negative consequences of particular programmes and call attention to them as action opportunities for new bodies.

29. Society as a network of evolving organizations constitutes a learning environment in which the continuing emergence of new problems, major and minor, provides an important domain within which bodies may find the opportunity for meaningful action by organizing to resolve the tensions so created.


  • study should be made of the relationship between organization learning and development and individual learning and development as two aspects of social development. The results should be made widely known.

30. There is an intimate relationship between the network of problems recognized by a society, the value and concept systems evolved by that society, and the network of organizations which mediate between them -- integration or fragmentation in any of these domains during its evolution can propagate itself into the others and have important positive or negative effects on human beings in the society.


  • study should be made of these processes and their implication for social development.