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Participative opportunity

Transnational Action through NGO Networks (Part #12)

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31. The degree of organization of a society is one measure of its degree of social development. The number and variety of organizations or officeholders per capita is a measure of the participative opportunity or socializing potential of that society. Such data should have the same status for development policy-making as that on economic units.


  • statistics on organization units should acquire the same status and utility as those on the individual and on countries. Much greater effort should be made to collect such data within each country and to publish it in the various international statistical yearbooks.

32. The transnational association system provides the only nonsubversive action opportunity open to concerned young people disillusioned by (government, military, business, academic, and religious) establishments and bureaucreacies, and close to total alienation from society.


  • the gap between youth organizations and conventional associations should be reduced so that the latter can provide more meaningful opportunities for individual action and involvement.

33. Transnational associations offer a means of canalizing, facilitating, and focusing the activities of committed individuals to achieve maximum contact with respect to the concern in question.


  • information systems on the organizational universe should be made accessible to individuals and help them in their choice of action opportunities.