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Transnational Action through NGO Networks (Part #5)

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9. The characteristics and performance of an organization should be judged as much by the manner and extent of its interaction with other bodies as by any quantitative evaluation of its size or programme. 'Insignificant' organizations may be very important communication centres in a network.


  • weighted formula for evaluating organizations should be developed to measure more than one characteristic of an organization.

10. Improvement to the functioning of the network of organizations is achieved by focusing on the network as a whole, and not by concentrating exclusively on the performance of one body embedded in the network.

11. Evaluation of an organization, whatever the quantitative conclusions, should recognize the significance of the organization as a focus of a community of interests. It may constitute a node of (possibly direct) importance to the network or organizations in which it is embedded, as a socializing force for those involved, and, through its activities, as a vehicle for social development of those participating in those activities.