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Quest for a universal constant of globalization?

Questionable insights for the future from physics (Part #1)

"Globality" in relation to a "Cosmic" number?
Neglected "external" dimensions
Harmonics of "globalization": a universal constant?
Correspondence between blastosphere and spheroidal I Ching?

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Annex C of Engendering Invagination and Gastrulation of Globalization (2010)


This annex is a speculative development of arguments in the main paper (where references are listed). As noted there it is based on assumptions regarding isomorphism associated with general systems research. More specifically it is based on an assumption regarding pattern recognition, stated there as:

... with respect to any one domain of human preoccupation, the capacity and requirement for relatively complex pattern recognition (and the associated degree of abstraction) may well correspond to that which is required and applicable in another domain. Rather than imply a controversial direct relation between the two domains, this highlights the determining role of human cognitive capacity with respect to emergence and use of abstract patterns as adaptable tools. It also suggests that failure to apply subtler emergent cognitive tools, in other domains faced with challenging dynamics, may signal dysfunctional development between domains.

This assumption does not deny the further possibility that there may be a more fundamental relationship between cognition and any reality treated as external, following the arguments detailed below.