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Enactivating a Cognitive Fusion Reactor: Imaginal Transformation of Energy Resourcing (ITER-8)

Clarifies the challenges of controlled nuclear

Enactivating a Cognitive Fusion Reactor
Experimental challenge of fusion for ITER
Experimental challenge of "cognitive fusion" for ITER-8
Complementarity and self-reflexivity
Dematerialization and virtualization
Coactive contextual relationship
Cognitive fusion through myth and symbol making

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Document has four separate annexes; conclusion and references are in this document
[See also website of ITER-8: Cognitive Fusion Reactor]

-- Experimental challenge of fusion for ITER
-- Experimental challenge of "cognitive fusion" for ITER-8
-- Complementarity between ITER-8 and the ITER fusion project
-- ITER-8 self-reflexive design
-- Torus dynamics common to ITER and ITER-8
-- Dematerialization | Virtualization | Correspondence between the virtual reality of ITER and ITER-8
-- Complementary fusion metaphors: "plasma dynamics" and "attention dynamics"
-- Towards a language appropriate to dynamic engagement
---- Form and dimensionality | Embodiment | Didjeridu playing
-- 3-fold Complementarity (nuclear fusion, didjeridu, cognitive fusion)
-- Helical threading of "incommensurables"
---- Snake metaphor | Incommensurable rings and the challenge of cognitive fusion
---- Cognitive "traffic" around a "hole" | Spiral dynamics
---- Supercoiling and field effects in cognitive organization (of knowledge)
---- Simulation possibilities
-- ITER-8: a necessarily underdefined entity
-- Resonant associations to other "ITER" projects
-- People | Institutions | Technologies
-- Myth and indigenous knowledge
-- References


Virtually unprecedented research resources are about to be committed to the construction of an experimental nuclear fusion reactor by an intergovernmental coalition of countries -- with significant funding via the European Union. It constitutes a major research and technological challenge designed to benefit from national experiments over the past 30 years. It is hoped to be a key step in the resolution of the foreseeable energy challenges of the planet.

The initiative described here is complementary to this project and quite distinct, although it is designed to benefit symbiotically from the creative challenges and breakthroughs in research on controlled nuclear fusion. It is focused on the challenge of engendering psychocultural energy, notably as a response to the increasing popular apathy with regard to major social projects such as the European Union. The initiative is seen as vital to sustaining the creativity, excitement, collective purpose and fun without which unlimited supplies of conventional energy are effectively meaningless to any higher quality of life. The initiative involves the enactivation of a "cognitive fusion reactor" through which individual and collective energy can be engendered. It is a coherent act of will, creativity and imagination designed to serve as an attractor for those who can engage in its processes or benefit therefrom. It builds on the integrative approaches developed over 30 years through the experimental online databases of the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential -- most recently with extensive funding from the European Union.

The following outline first clarifies the challenges of controlled nuclear fusion in contrast with those of controlled cognitive fusion. Their complementarity is then highlighted notably with respect to the toroidal dynamics considered as essential to the stability of both their respective processes -- especially to the degree that they mirror each other. The challenges of nuclear fusion are reviewed as a template of requisite variety by which the challenges of cognitive fusion can be modelled. The unconventional nature of the cognitive fusion initiative is then clarified as a higher dimensional construct -- considered as fundamental to psychosocial processes of the 21st century. The nature of the conformal, coactive "non-relationship" to other projects, institutions and people is then briefly noted.

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