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Judge, Anthony

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  • [2000]  Knowledge gardening through music: eliciting patterns of coherence for African management as an alternative to Project Logic 2000 [text] extensive references
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  • [0000]  Visualization: Graphics environment for exploring relationship networks
  • [0000]  University of Earth: draft proposal [text] (James, Diana / Judge, Anthony)
  • [0000]  Questioning the War on Terrorism [web resources]
  • [0000]  Embodying Discontinuity. In: ref. 21. [summary]
  • [0000]  Embodiment
  • [0000]  Configuring strategic dilemmas in intersectoral dialogue [text]
  • [0000]  Comprehension: social organization determined by incommunicability of insights [text]
  • [0000]  Classification Categories [text]
  • [0000]  Authentic Grokking
  • [0000]  Analysis: vicious cycles and loops
  • [0000]  Aesthetics of

Kairos documents referencing any of the above

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[2008]:  Polyhedral Pattern Language: Software facilitation of emergence, representation and transformation of psycho-social organization [Refs]

[2008]:  Polyhedral Empowerment of Networks through Symmetry: psycho-social implications for organization and global governance [Refs]

[2008]:  Institutionalized Shunning of Overpopulation Challenge: incommunicability of fundamentally inconvenient truth [Refs]

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[2007]:  Root Irresponsibility for Major World Problems: the unexamined role of Abrahamic faiths in sustaining unrestrained population growth [Refs]

[2007]:  Potential Psychosocial Significance of Monstrous Moonshine: an exceptional form of symmetry as a Rosetta stone for cognitive frameworks [Refs]

[2007]:  In Quest of "Meta-Union"? Interplay of generic dimensions of any "union of international associations" [Refs]

[2007]:  In Further Quest of "Meta-Union"? Interplay of generic dimensions of any "union of international associations" [Refs]

[2007]:  Emergence of a Global Misleadership Council: misleading as vital to governance of the future? [Refs]

[2007]:  Emergence of Cyclical Psycho-social Identity: sustainability as "psyclically" defined [Refs]

[2006]:  Walking Elven Pathways: enactivating the pattern that connects [Refs]

[2006]:  Question Avoidance, Evasion, Aversion and Phobia: why we are unable to escape from traps [Refs]

[2006]:  Governance through Pattern Language: creative cognitive engagement contrasted with abdication of responsibility [Refs]

[2006]:  Council of the Whys: emergent wisdom through configuration of why-question dynamics [Refs]

[2006]:  Conformality of 7 WH-questions to 7 Elementary Catastrophes: an exploration of potential psychosocial implications [Refs]

[2005]:  Sustainability through the Dynamics of Strategic Dilemmas: in the light of the coherence and visual form of the Mandelbrot set [Refs]

[2005]:  References [Refs]

[2005]:  Provocations libératrices: Du bon usage des stratégies négatives et paradoxales [Refs]

[2005]:  Liberating Provocations: use of negative and paradoxical strategies [Refs]

[2005]:  Cui Bono: Groupthink vs Thinking the Unthinkable? Reframing the suffocating consensus in response to 7/7 [Refs]

[2004]:  The Coalition of the Willy: musings on the global challenge of penile servitude [Refs]

[2004]:  Spontaneous Initiation of Armageddon -- a heartfelt response to systemic negligence [Refs]

[2004]:  Future of United Nations - Civil Society Relations: 257 questions in assessing the Report of the Panel of Eminent [Refs]

[2004]:  Engaging with Questions of Higher Order: cognitive vigilance required for higher degrees of twistedness [Refs]

[2004]:  Animating the Representation of Europe [Refs]

[2003]:  Varieties of the Unsaid in sustaining psycho-social community [Refs]

[2003]:  Practicalities of Participatory Democracy with International Institutions: Attitudinal, Quantitative and Qualitative Challenges [Refs]

[2003]:  Framing NGOs in the Market for Change: comment on the report by SustainAbility [Refs]

[2003]:  12 Complementary Languages for Sustainable Governance [Refs]

[2002]:  War against Terra [Refs]

[2002]:  The "Dark Riders" of Social Change: a challenge for any Fellowship of the Ring [Refs]

[2001]:  Structuring Mnemonic Encoding of Development Plans and Ethical Charters using Musical Leitmotivs [Refs]

[2001]:  Simulating a Global Brain: using networks of international organizations, world problems, strategies, and values [Refs]

[2001]:  Needing Evil Elsewhere [Refs]

[2000]:  References [Refs]

[2000]:  Identifying, Counting and Categorizing Intergovernmental Organization [Refs]

[2000]:  Enhancing the Quality of Knowing through Integration of East-West metaphors [Refs]

[1999]:  Paradigm-shifting through Transposition of Key [Refs]

[1999]:  Applying Mathematical Insights to Comprehension of World Problems [Refs]

[1998]:  Proposal for a Learning Exchange between the Swadhyaya community (Western India) and the Pitjantjatjara community (Central Australia) [Refs]

[1998]:  Discovering richer patterns of comprehension to reframe polarization [Refs]

[1997]:  The Art of Non-Decision-Making [Refs]

[1996]:  TAO of Dialogue [Refs]

[1995]:  Envisaging the Art of Navigating Conceptual Complexity: in search of software combining artistic and conceptual insights [Refs]

[1994]:  Transdisciplinarity-3 as the Emergence of Patterned Experience (Part II) [Refs]

[1994]:  The Future of Leadership: reframing the unknown [Refs]

[1994]:  Spherical Configuration of Categories to Reflect Systemic Patterns of Environmental Checks and Balances [Refs]

[1994]:  NGOs and Civil Society: Realities and Distortions [Refs]

[1994]:  Mathematical Challenge for Systems Science [Refs]

[1993]:  Insights evoked by intractable international differences [Refs]

[1993]:  Human Values as Strange Attractors: Coevolution of classes of governance principles [Refs]

[1991]:  Research Network on Catalytic Imagery for governance in impossible situations [Refs]

[1988]:  Reordering Networks of Incommensurable Concepts in Phased Cycles [Refs]

[1988]:  Metaphoric Revolution: in quest of a manifesto for governance through metaphor [Refs]

[1987]:  Governance Through Metaphor [Refs]

[1982]:  Alternation between Development Modes [Refs]

[1981]:  Anti-Developmental Biases in Thesaurus Design [Refs]

[1980]:  Patterns of N-foldness: Comparison of integrated multi-set concept schemes as forms of presentation [Refs]

[1980]:  Participant Interaction Messaging: improving the conference process [Refs]

[1979]:  The Associative Society of the Future [Refs]

[1979]:  Groupware Configurations of Challenge and Harmony: an alternative approach to alternative organization [Refs]

[1979]:  Development beyond Science to Wisdom [Refs]

[1978]:  Types of international organization: detailed overview [Refs]

[1978]:  Transcending Duality through Tensional Integrity: From systems-versus-networks to [Refs]

[1977]:  Knowledge-Representation in a Computer-Supported Environment [Refs]

[1977]:  International Organization Networks: a complementary perspective [Refs]

[1972]:  The Nature of Organization in Transnational Networks [Refs]

[1972]:  Research topics on international non-governmental organization [Refs]

[1970]:  Visualization of the International Organization Network [Refs]

[1970]:  La visualisation du réseau dorganisations [Refs]

[s.d.]:  Using Disagreements for Superordinate Frame Configuration [Refs]

[s.d.]:  Using Disagreements for Superordinate Frame Configuration [Refs]

[s.d.]:  Transnational Association Networks: research topics on international NGOs [Refs]

[s.d.]:  Tensed Networks: Balancing and focusing network dynamics in response to networking diseases [Refs]

[s.d.]:  Sustaining Higher Orders of Policy Consensus through Metaphor: towards a new language of governance [Refs]

[s.d.]:  Strategic Correspondences: computer-aided insight scaffolding [Refs]

[s.d.]:  Reflections on Associative Constraints and Possibilities in an Information society [Refs]

[s.d.]:  Organization of Transdisciplinary Conferences [Refs]

[s.d.]:  Misapplication of International Legal Norms in Socially Abnormal Situations [Refs]

[s.d.]:  La Métaphore: une ressource mal-explorée pour léco-développement durable [Refs]

[s.d.]:  From Information Highways to Songlines of the Noosphere: Global configuration of hypertext pathways [Refs]

[s.d.]:  Development of Transdisciplinary Conceptual Aids [Refs]

[s.d.]:  Catalyzation of New Patterns of Collaboration [Refs]