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Variety of Documents on Kairos

There is a mix of "articles" or "documents" on this site. This gives rise to  questions regarding their "status" and whether they are to be taken "seriously", singly or as a whole -- especially when some can be construed as "irresponsible" from conventional perspectives, in a period when many rely on humour to convey valuable insights. The mix may be variously understood as constituting any of the following, singly or in combination -- in no particular order.

Since most of the documents are indicated as being "drafts", some that initially took the abbreviated form typical of a blog posting may be progressively transformed into some other more substantive form. Some of the documents included are indicated as incomplete or "not done" -- possibly merely a brief indication of an idea which may be further developed subsequently.

Questions asked regarding the documents include "to whom are they addressed" and "what impact do they have". This presupposes a conventional marketing focus emphasis on a "target audience" which is currently as much a part of the problem as it is of any fruitful response to global challenges, as argued separately (Enhancing Sustainable Development Strategies through Avoidance of Military Metaphors, 1998). In an information society characterized by information overload, the documents could well be more appropriately understood as "notes to myself" as the author.