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Inner Game of Dying

An experience of global importance (Part #1)

Personal experience of death
Personal experiential engagement with death
Encountering the mirror / loop
Frames ??
Cognitive Circlet
Why People Have Difficulty Communicating with Dying Persons

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Avoidance of implications of death

bad news

denial of death

happens to others

quest for immortality -- sustainability etc



  • Herbert S. Long. A Study of the Doctrine of Metempsychosis in Greece from Pythagoras to Plato. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1948
Dealing with the implications of death of other humans


Assya Pascalev. Images of death and dying in the intensive care unit Journal of Medical Humanities 17, 4, December, 1996, pp. 219-236:

One important implication of the existing social and cultural authority of the medical profession is that it freely spreads out its constructs in the social space. There, they form the legitimate framework within which the individual's and public discourse on illness, health and death unfolds. ...Therefore, physicians' constructions of what constitutes suffering and health, norm and pathology, life and death have not only descriptive, but also normative significance.


  • Physics:
  • Biologists: indifferent, vivisection
  • Military technology


Exposure to death

  • media
  • accidents
  • relatives
Personal experience of death

Practioners of extreme sports:

Military personnel:

  • over the top
  • Last Samurai / Bushido
  • trained to kill

Security personnel: bodyguards, take the bullet

Tortured: water boarding

Death row

Terminally ill


  • Suicide bombing
  • Kamikaze
  • Hara kiri
  • bombers
  • school shooters
  • Mumbai
  • VC over the top
  • effect on others
    • prepared to die
  • Official views
    • Sending people to their death -- Blair / Faith
    • criminalizing suicide
    • right to die
  • spurious arguments: specifically
    • designed to extract dignity from the dying to enhance the self-worth
    • moral high ground of those who employ them
  • science unable to determine / design a process to determine when a person chooses to die
unable to determine / design a process to determine when a person chooses to die

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