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Living Death

An experience of universal importance

Tibetan / Egyptian Book of Dead

Mexico paper (celebration) -- paper

Empowering terminal -- paper


  • configuration
  • mind map

Geodesic fold/wrap

  • rail lines to nowhere
  • contact movie
  • chakras


Verb / Categories

Alien / Incomprehensible

Withdraw into stones

Happening of Nothing

Other dimensions

  • 26 curled up
  • whatever they mean

People just die

Die at any time


  • afterlife
  • access to former lives
  • wrong attitude

End of

  • science
  • world

Other wise

Different modes of movement

You are defined by your attitude to death

  • packaging
  • commodification
  • regulation

Coming to terms


Way you would least like to die -- how you will live

Endangered species

  • last language speaker



  • effect on others
  • prepared to die

Official views

  • Sending people to their death -- Blair / Faith
  • criminalizing suicide
  • right to die

spurious arguments: specifically

  • designed to extract dignity from the dying to enhance the self-worth
  • moral high ground of those who employ them

science unable to determine / design a process to determine when a person chooses to die


Robert D

Is the encounter with death a question or an answer?

Mr Jack -- Antony Hopkins


near death experience

bursting a bubble of connectedness / loss

we live on the death of others -- through their dying

whose lunch am I / are we?

philosopher book -- quotes

here lies a man whose name is written on water -- or in the sand

encounter withthe meaning of time

worth while -- time well spent

Seti -- imprint not statute -- outside

Egyptian book phrases -- egg


  • spacetime
  • pattern that connects

human rights


code of honour



thinking in terror -- paper

dying demonstrates the insignificance of presumptuous definition of death