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Lofting, Chris J.

  • [2009]  The Emotional I Ching., 2009
  • [2007]  I Ching and the Lanuage of the Vague., 2007
  • [2005]  Wave Dichotomies: meaning from frequencies, wavelengths, and amplitudes, 2005 [text]
  • [2005]  The Book of Structures: the unchanging in the Book of Changes. 2005 [text]
  • [2005]  I Ching and Quantum Mechanics Interpretations, 2005 [text]
  • [2004]  The Language of the Vague. 2004/2007 [text]
  • [2002]  Integration, Differentiation, and Meaning (IDM): the properties and methods of personal and social identification, 2002-2004 [text]
  • [1999]  Market Games: the "what" and the "where" in the stock market. 1999 [text]

Kairos documents referencing any of the above

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[2008]:  Embodying Values Dynamically through Alternation: Integrating sets of polarized static values through indicative metaphor [Refs]

[2007]:  Psychosocial Energy from Polarization: within a cyclic pattern of Enantiodromia [Refs]

[2007]:  Conditions of Objective, Subjective and Embodied Cognition: mnemonic systems for memetic coding of complexity [Refs]

[2007]:  Climbing Elven Stairways: DNA as a macroscopic metaphor of polarized psychodynamics [Refs]

[2007]:  Archetypal Otherness -- "DNA vs. I Ching": Climbing Elven Stairways (Part B) [Refs]

[2006]:  Human Values Stock Exchange: Investing in shares in a value market of [Refs]