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What is a management game ?

Management Game Techniques and International NGOs (Part #2)

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A management game is a dynamic training exercise utilizing a model of organizations in a workday environment. The organization could be a business, a library, a government department, a professional association or an NGO, in fact any organized social entity. The participants, executives or officers, are grouped together to represent the controlling bodies of the organizations. Each body is required to make the same operating and policy decisions as are made in real life. The decisions are made on the basis of periodical reports which may consist of press reports, financial and cost reports, membership reports, personnel reports, forecast, etc. The decisions and reports refer to a specific time period, which may he a day, a month or a year. Decisions are made for the next period. They are processed, new reports are returned, and the game proceeds. Time is thus compressed and many months or years of operational decisions may be made during the course of the game.

Games have varied in complexity from monsters which require 300 decisions by teams of 18 every decision. period, down to tiddlers which require only 3 decisions by one-man teams.

There are at least 100 management games in existence. Some are designed for competition between teams or individuals, in others a solitary player competes against a computer or a standard of performance. Some use a computer as umpire; others have human umpires who evaluate deci-. sions manually. Games can be either competitive or non-competitive, aiming in the latter case at maximum co-operation.