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Imagining Order as Hypercomputing

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[2014]:  The-O ring: Theory, Theorem, Theology, Theosophy?: A playful intercultural quest for fruitful complementarity (Parts=8+Refs)

[2014]:  The-O Ring and The Bull Ring as Spectacular Archetypes : Dramatic correlation of theatre, theory, theorem, theology, and theosophy (Parts=10+Refs)

[2014]:  Embodying a Hypercomplex of Unhygienic Nescience: Questionable connectivity enabling apprehension of matters otherwise (Parts=13+Refs)

[2014]:  Radical Cognitive Mirroring of Globalization : Dynamically inning the unquestioningly outed (Parts=17+Refs)

[2014]:  Implication of the 12 Knights in any Strategic Round Table: Each circulating globally in quest of sustainability and immortality (Parts=13+Refs)

[2014]:  Flowering of Civilization -- Deflowering of Culture: Flow as a necessarily complex experiential dynamic (Parts=13+Refs)

[2014]:  Investing Attention Essential to Viable Growth: Radical self-reflexive reappropriation of financial skills and insights (Parts=11+Refs)

[2013]:  Being Neither a-Waving Nor a-Parting : Cognitive implications of wave-particle duality in the light of science and spirituality (Parts=10+Refs)

[2013]:  Being a Potential Waveform as an Experiential Choice: Emergent dynamic qualities of identity and integrity (Parts=13+Refs)

[2013]:  Encountering Otherness as a Waveform : In the light of a wave theory of being (Parts=11+Refs)

[2013]:  University of Ignorance : Engaging with nothing, the unknown, the incomprehensible, and the unsaid (Parts=14+Refs)

[2013]:  Civilization as a Global Configuration of Silences : Recognizing silence of a higher order (Parts=10+Refs)

[2013]:  World Futures Conference as Catastrophic Question: From performance to morphogenesis and transformation (Parts=13+Refs)

[2013]:  World Introversion through Paracycling : Global potential for living sustainably outside-inside (Parts=15+Refs)

[2013]:  Marrying an Other whatever the Form: Reframing and Extending the Understanding of Marriage (Parts=14+Refs)

[2013]:  Reimagining Principles Enabling an Existential Ecostery: Engendering out-of-the-box awareness and its transformation (Parts=19+Refs)

[2013]:  Law and Order vs. Lore and Orders?: Imagining otherwise the forceful engagement of singularity with plurality (Parts=13+Refs)

[2012]:  In Quest of a Dynamic Pattern of Transformations: Sensing the strange attractor of an emerging Rosetta Stone (Parts=9+Refs)

[2012]:  Transcending Simplistic Binary Contractual Relationships : What is hindering their exploration? (Parts=11+Refs)

[2012]:  Unthought as Cognitive Foundation of Global Civilization: Implications of God, debt, overpopulation, waste, negligence, encroachment and death? (Parts=11+Refs)

[2012]:  Eightfold Configuration of Nested Cycles of Cognitive Transformations: Meta-pattern of connectivity through a hypersphere? (Parts=11+Refs)

[2012]:  Being a Poem in the Making: Engendering a Multiverse through Musing (Parts=10+Refs)

[2012]:  Transforming and Interweaving the Ways of Being Stoned: Imagination, Promise, Rocks, Memorials, Petrification (Parts=12+Refs)

[2012]:  Middle East Peace Potential through Dynamics in Spherical Geometry: Engendering connectivity from incommensurable 5-fold and 6-fold conceptual frameworks (Parts=14+Refs)

[2011]:  Ungovernability of Sustainable Global Democracy?: Towards engaging appropriately with time (Parts=10+Refs)

[2011]:  Triangulation of Incommensurable Concepts for Global Configuration (Parts=10+Refs)

[2011]:  Reframing the Dynamics of Engaging with Otherness : Triadic correspondences between Topology, Kama Sutra and I Ching (Parts=13+Refs)

[2011]:  Engendering a Psychopter through Biomimicry and Technomimicry: Insights from the Process of Helicopter Development (Parts=10+Refs)

[2011]:  Checklist of 12-fold Principles, Plans, Symbols and Concepts : Web resources (Parts=1)

[2011]:  Mathematical Theology: Future Science of Confidence in Belief: Self-reflexive Global Reframing to Enable Faith-based Governance (Parts=9)

[2011]:  The Consensus Delusion : Mysterious attractor undermining global civilization as currently imagined (Parts=14+Refs)

[2010]:  Magic Carpets as Psychoactive Systems Diagrams (Parts=16+Refs)

[2010]:  Interweaving Thematic Threads and Learning Pathways: Noonautics, Magic carpets and Wizdomes (Parts=8+Refs)

[2010]:  Beyond the Standard Model of Universal Awareness: Being Not Even Wrong? (Parts=8)

[2010]:  Epistemological Panic in the face of Nonduality: Does nothing matter? (Parts=4+Refs)

[2010]:  Superquestions for Supercomputers: Avoiding terra flops from misguided dependence on teraflops? (Parts=10+Refs)

[2010]:  Harmony-Comprehension and Wholeness-Extending: Eliciting psychosocial transformational principles from design (Parts=12+Refs)

[2010]:  Cultivating Global Strategic Fantasies of Choice: Learnings from Islamic Al-Qaida and the Republican Tea Party movement (Parts=11+Refs)

[2009]:  Generic Reframing of the 12 Tribes of "Israel": We have met the Zionists and them is us (Parts=13)

[2009]:  Us and Them: Relating to Challenging Others: Patterns in the shadow dance between good and evil (Parts=12+Refs)

[2009]:  Geometry of Thinking for Sustainable Global Governance : Cognitive Implication of Synergetics (Parts=18+Refs)

[2009]:  Cognitive Cycles Vital to Sustainable Self-Governance: The Lord of the Rings as an emergent integrative dynamic (Parts=5+Refs)

[2009]:  Engaging with Globality through Dynamic Complexity (Parts=12)

[2009]:  Poetic Engagement with Afghanistan, Caucasus and Iran: An unexplored strategic opportunity? (Parts=9+Refs)

[2008]:  Polyhedral Pattern Language: Software facilitation of emergence, representation and transformation of psycho-social organization (Parts=24+Refs)

[2008]:  Dynamic Exploration of Value Configurations: Interrelating traditional cultural symbols through animation (Parts=11)

[2008]:  Sustainability through Magically Dancing Patterns: 9x9, 19x19 -- I Ching, Tao Te Ching / T'ai Hsuan Ching, Weiqi (Go) (Parts=20+Refs)

[2008]:  Strategic Challenge of Polysensorial Knowledge: bringing the "elephant" into "focus": Bringing the elephant into focus (Parts=14+Refs)

[2008]:  Animation of Classical BaGua Arrangements: a dynamic representation of Neti Neti (Parts=7+Refs)

[2007]:  Root Irresponsibility for Major World Problems: the unexamined role of Abrahamic faiths in sustaining unrestrained population growth (Parts=12+Refs)

[2007]:  Theories of Correspondences -- and potential equivalences between them in correlative thinking (Parts=10+Refs)

[2006]:  9-fold Magic Square Pattern of Tao Te Ching Insights: Experimentally associated with the 81 insights of the T'ai Hsuan Ching (Parts=11+Refs)

[2006]:  Cyclopean Vision vs Poly-sensual Engagement (Parts=7+Refs)

[2006]:  A Singable Earth Charter, EU Constitution or Global Ethic? (Parts=9+Refs)

[2006]:  Am I Question or Answer?: Problem or (re)solution? (Parts=13+Refs)

[2006]:  Enactivating a Cognitive Fusion Reactor: Imaginal Transformation of Energy Resourcing (ITER-8) (Parts=10+Refs)

[2006]:  Hyperaction through Hypercomprehension and Hyperdrive: necessary complement to hypertext proliferation in hypersociety: Necessary complement to proliferation of hypermedia in hypersociety (Parts=17+Refs)

[2006]:  Conformality of 7 WH-questions to 7 Elementary Catastrophes: an exploration of potential psychosocial implications (Parts=19+Refs)

[2005]:  Thinking in Terror: refocusing the interreligious challenge from thinking after terror (Parts=10+Refs)

[2001]:  Present Moment Research: exploration of nowness: A href= >Presenting the Future (Part 5) (Parts=4)

[2001]:  Simulating a Global Brain: using networks of international organizations, world problems, strategies, and values (Parts=6+Refs)

[2000]:  Enhancing the Quality of Knowing through Integration of East-West metaphors (Parts=21+Refs)

[1998]:  Discovering richer patterns of comprehension to reframe polarization (Parts=6)

[1996]:  Beyond Harassment of Reality and Grasping Future Possibilities: learnings from sexual harassment as a metaphor (Parts=1)

[1993]:  Magic, Miracles and Image-building: Poetry-making and Policy-making (Part M) (Parts=10)

[1993]:  Poetry-making and Policy-making: arranging a marriage between Beauty and the Beast (Parts=1)

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[1988]:  Sustainable Cycles of Policies: Crop Rotation as a Metaphor (Parts=1)

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[1978]:  Representation, Comprehension and Communication of Sets: the Role of Number (Notes) (Parts=3)

[1978]:  Representation, Comprehension and Communication of Sets: the Role of Number: Contents (Parts=1)

[1971]:  Wanted: New Types of Social Entity: Part I: The role of the potential association (Parts=1)