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Topic: Paradigm Change, Social Transformation

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[2015]  Requisite Meta-reflection on Engagement in Systemic Change?  (Parts=12)
[2015]  Requisite Meta-reflection on Engagement in Systemic Change?  (Parts=12)
[2015]  Papal Concern for Climate Change and Refugee Care  (Parts=5)
[2015]  Issuance of Vatican Passports to Trans-Mediterranean Immigrants  (Parts=8+Refs)
[2015]  Changing Patterns using Transformation Pathways  (Parts=11+Refs)
[2014]  Transcending an Asystemic View of Life  (Parts=9+Refs)
[2014]  Representation of Creative Processes through Dynamics in Three Dimensions  (Parts=7+Refs)
[2014]  Reimagining Tesla's Creativity through Technomimicry  (Parts=14+Refs)
[2014]  Engendering Viable Global Futures through Hemispheric Integration  (Parts=11+Refs)
[2013]  Marrying an Other whatever the Form  (Parts=14+Refs)
[2013]  Dynamic Transformation of Static Reporting of Global Processes  (Parts=2)
[2012]  Transforming the Art of Conversation  (Parts=1)
[2012]  Transforming the Art of Conversation  (Parts=14+Refs)
[2012]  Transcending Simplistic Binary Contractual Relationships   (Parts=11+Refs)
[2012]  Towards the Systematic Reframing of Incomprehension through Metaphor   (Parts=6+Refs)
[2012]  In Quest of a Dynamic Pattern of Transformations  (Parts=9+Refs)
[2012]  Imaginative Reconfiguration of a post-Apocalyptic Global Civilization   (Parts=8+Refs)
[2012]  Identity, Possessive World-making and their Transformation Dynamics  (Parts=6)
[2012]  Enstoning through "drugs" and "imbibing"  (Parts=1)
[2012]  Engendering 2052 through Re-imagining the Present  (Parts=15+Refs)
[2012]  Beware of Legality, Accountability, Marketability, Security!   (Parts=9+Refs)
[2011]  Ungovernability of Sustainable Global Democracy ?  (Parts=1)
[2011]  Tomorrow, Who Will Govern the World?: Review  (Parts=12+Refs)
[2011]  Reframing the Dynamics of Engaging with Otherness   (Parts=13+Refs)
[2011]  Implication of Toroidal Transformation of the Crown of Thorns: Design challenge to enable integrative comprehension  (Parts=15+Refs)
[2011]  Engendering a Psychopter through Biomimicry and Technomimicry  (Parts=10+Refs)
[2011]  Embodiment of Identity in Conscious Creativity  (Parts=5)
[2011]  Embodiment of Change: Comprehension, Traction and Impact?   (Parts=4+Refs)
[2011]  ¿ Higher Education ∞ Meta-education ?  (Parts=9+Refs)
[2010]  Transcending One-eyed Global Modelling Perspectives   (Parts=10+Refs)
[2010]  Technological Innovation as Template for Cognitive Innovation   (Parts=4+Refs)
[2010]  Sustaining a Community of Strange Loops  (Parts=5)
[2010]  Strategic Embodiment of Time: Configuring questions fundamental to change  (Parts=13+Refs)
[2010]  Insights for the Future from the Change of Climate in Copenhagen  (Parts=8)
[2010]  Engendering Invagination and Gastrulation of Globalization  (Parts=10+Refs)
[2010]  Enacting Transformative Integral Thinking through Playful Elegance  (Parts=15+Refs)
[2010]  Complexification of Globalization and Toroidal Transformation  (Parts=8)
[2009]  United Nations Overpopulation Denial Conference  (Parts=12+Refs)
[2009]  Transformation of Global Governance through Bullfighting  (Parts=6)
[2009]  Terror as Distractant from More Deadly Global Threats   (Parts=16)
[2009]  State of the 'World Forum' vs 'State of the World' Forum  (Parts=9)
[2009]  Sins of Hot Air Emission, Omission, Commission and Promission  (Parts=12)
[2009]  Sets and their Settings: from development to climate change  (Parts=1)
[2009]  Reframing Strategic Dilemmas through 12 Modes   (Parts=13)
[2009]  Reframing the Game of Strategic Dilemmas  (Parts=13)
[2009]  Reframing Global Initiatives for the Future  (Parts=16)
[2009]  Overpopulation Debate as a Psychosocial Hazard  (Parts=14+Refs)
[2009]  In Quest of a Job vs Engendering Employment  (Parts=14+Refs)
[2009]  Global Strategic Alternatives for the 21st Century?  (Parts=1)
[2009]  Geometry, Topology and Dynamics of Identity: Annex  (Parts=5)
[2009]  Generic Reframing of the 12 Tribes of "Israel"  (Parts=13)
[2009]  From Imaginative to Imaginable   (Parts=1)
[2009]  Framing the Global Future by Ignoring Alternatives   (Parts=5)
[2009]  Engaging with Globality through Knowing Thyself  (Parts=13)
[2009]  Considering All the Strategic Options   (Parts=17)
[2009]  Concept Analysis of Climate Change Agreements  (Parts=1)
[2008]  Stepping into, or through, the Mirror: embodying alternative scenario patterns  (Parts=10+Refs)
[2008]  Reframing the EU Reform Process -- through Song: responding to the Irish challenge to the Lisbon Treaty  (Parts=9)
[2008]  Polyhedral Pattern Language: Software facilitation of emergence, representation and transformation of psycho-social organization  (Parts=24+Refs)
[2008]  Polyhedral Conference Representation as a Catalyst for Innovation  (Parts=1)
[2008]  Moving Symbols: Radical Change in Psycho-social Energy Policy?  (Parts=8)
[2008]  Interweaving Demonic and Daimonic Associations in Collective Memory  (Parts=7)
[2008]  Group Rhythm, Harmony and Transposition of Key  (Parts=1)
[2008]  Governing Civilization through Civilizing Governance: global challenge for a turbulent future  (Parts=14)
[2008]  Geo-engineering Oversight Agency for Thermal Stabilization (GOATS)  (Parts=8+Refs)
[2008]  Engendering the Future through Self-reflexive Group Initiatives  (Parts=13+Refs)
[2008]  Climate of Change Misrepresented as Climate Change   (Parts=13+Refs)
[2008]  Climate Change as a Metaphor of Social Change  (Parts=4+Refs)
[2008]  Climate Change and the Elephant in the Living Room  (Parts=18+Refs)
[2007]  Unforeseen Change-enabling Breakthrough -- from harmful interrogation research   (Parts=1)
[2007]  Tuning a Periodic Table of Religions, Epistemologies and Spirituality: including the sciences and other belief systems   (Parts=16+Refs)
[2007]  Transforming Static Websites into Mobile "Wizdomes": enabling change through intertwining dynamic and configurative metaphors  (Parts=20+Refs)
[2007]  Resonances between Challenging Psychosocial Change Initiatives: Selected web resources  (Parts=4)
[2007]  Interrelating Metaphors -- to enable a cycle of transformation between epistemological modes  (Parts=9+Refs)
[2007]  Imagining the Real Challenge and Realizing the Imaginal Pathway of Sustainable Transformation  (Parts=5+Refs)
[2007]  Human Intercourse: Intercourse with Nature and Intercourse with the Other  (Parts=5+Refs)
[2007]  Global Market in Indulgences: extending the carbon trading model to other value-based challenges  (Parts=8)
[2007]  Dynamics of Not-Two: Embodiment of the Other as the Peace beyond Understanding  (Parts=2)
[2007]  Dynamic Reframing of "Union": Implications for the coherence of knowledge, social organization and personal identity   (Parts=10)
[2007]  Consciously Self-reflexive Global Initiatives: Renaissance zones, complex adaptive systems, and third order organizations   (Parts=11)
[2007]  Clappy-Happy Global Management   (Parts=1)
[2007]  Challenge of Nonviolent Population Decimation: Reducing effects of overpopulation on resources and climate change by major reduction in the height of people  (Parts=9+Refs)
[2007]  All Blacks of Davos vs All Greens of Porto Alegre: reframing global strategic discord through polyphony?  (Parts=5+Refs)
[2006]  Whores of Change   (Parts=1)
[2006]  Walking Elven Pathways: enactivating the pattern that connects  (Parts=11+Refs)
[2006]  Snoring of The Other: a politically relevant psycho-spiritual metaphor?  (Parts=7+Refs)
[2006]  Reframing Sustainable Sources of Energy for the Future: the vital role of psychosocial variants  (Parts=14+Refs)
[2006]  Governance through Pattern Language: creative cognitive engagement contrasted with abdication of responsibility   (Parts=4+Refs)
[2006]  Governance and Spin in the Knowledge Universe: Implications for governance, sustainability and alternatives  (Parts=4)
[2006]  Ensuring Strategic Resilience through Haiku Patterns: reframing the scope of the "martial arts" in response to strategic threats   (Parts=15+Refs)
[2006]  Enactivating a Cognitive Fusion Reactor: Imaginal Transformation of Energy Resourcing (ITER-8)  (Parts=10+Refs)
[2006]  Documents relating to Transformative Conferencing (adapted from I Ching): Anthony Judge  (Parts=1)
[2006]  Dematerialization and Virtualization: comparison of nuclear fusion and cognitive fusion  (Parts=7)
[2006]  Creative Cognitive Engagement: Beyond the limitations of descriptive patterning  (Parts=10)
[2006]  Complementarity and Self-Reflexivity: between nuclear fusion and cognitive fusion  (Parts=3)
[2006]  Cognitive Fusion through Myth and Symbol Making: archetypal dimensions  (Parts=3)
[2006]  Coactive Contextual Relationships: necessary underdefinition and resonant associations of ITER-8  (Parts=5)
[2005]  Transcending the Temporal Duplicity Sustained by the Baconian Era  (Parts=11)
[2005]  Transcending the Temporal Duplicity Sustained by the Baconian Era  (Parts=1)
[2005]  Transcending the Temporal Duplicity Sustained by the Baconian Era  (Parts=4)
[2005]  Simulation Possibilities for Complementary Currencies  (Parts=1)
[2005]  Resolving the Challenge of Faith-based Terrorism: Eliciting the dynamic of two-body, three-body and n-body variants   (Parts=8+Refs)
[2005]  Recognized role of humour: in politics, leadership, religion and creativity  (Parts=10)
[2005]  Provocations libératrices: Du bon usage des stratégies négatives et paradoxales  (Parts=16+Refs)
[2005]  Provocations libératrices: Du bon usage des stratégies négatives et paradoxales  (Parts=16+Refs)
[2005]  Presumption of Guilt by Association: reframing extremism in the response to terrorism  (Parts=11)
[2005]  Playfully Changing the Prevailing Climate of Opinion: Climate change as focal metaphor of effective global governance   (Parts=22+Refs)
[2005]  Liberating Provocations: use of negative and paradoxical strategies  (Parts=17+Refs)
[2005]  Cui Bono: Groupthink vs Thinking the Unthinkable? Reframing the suffocating consensus in response to 7/7  (Parts=22+Refs)
[2005]  Avoiding Dialogue with Alternative Worldviews at any Cost: Timid hypocrisy in responding to terrorism  (Parts=14)
[2004]  The Coalition of the Willy: musings on the global challenge of penile servitude  (Parts=8+Refs)
[2004]  Recent Breakthroughs in Civil Society Research: Reactive vs Proactive Exploration of Opportunities and Alternatives?  (Parts=5+Refs)
[2004]  Paradoxes of Tyranny and Death: Judging Saddam Hussein and La Santa Muerte  (Parts=6)
[2004]  Dancing on Terra -- with Terror: Disciplines reframing terrifying relationships  (Parts=3)
[2004]  Attitude Entrainment: Communicating thrival skills and insights  (Parts=7+Refs)
[2004]  Alternative Approaches to Security: towards well-being and psychological dimensions of sustainability   (Parts=1)
[2003]  New Paradigms via a Renewed Set of Prefixes: Dependence of international policy-making on an array of operational terms  (Parts=11+Refs)
[2003]  Framing NGOs in the Market for Change: comment on the report by SustainAbility  (Parts=9+Refs)
[2003]  Evoking Authenticity: through polyhedral global configuration of local paradoxes  (Parts=21)
[2003]  Don Justo's Self-Built Cathedral: metaphoric learnings for contemporary alternative initiatives  (Parts=5)
[2003]  Complementary Patterns of Meaningful Truth and the Interface between Alternative Variants   (Parts=3)
[2002]  The "Dark Riders" of Social Change: a challenge for any Fellowship of the Ring   (Parts=12)
[2002]  Navigating Alternative Conceptual Realities: clues to the dynamics of enacting new paradigms through movement  (Parts=2+Refs)
[2002]  Entering Alternative Realities -- Astronautics vs Noonautics: isomorphism between launching aerospace vehicles and launching vehicles of awareness  (Parts=14)
[2002]  Crusading from Washing-Town to Bag-Dad: pre-emptive regime change as the key to sustainable development  (Parts=1)
[2001]  Embodying the Sphere of Change  (Parts=8+Refs)
[2001]  Composing and Engendering the Future: Presenting the Future (Part 4)  (Parts=3)
[2000]  Knowledge Gardening through Music: patterns of coherence for future African management as an alternative to Project Logic  (Parts=33)
[1999]  Suggested Innovation: Apaparazzi mask  (Parts=1)
[1999]  Paradigm-shifting through Transposition of Key   (Parts=8)
[1998]  Sustaining a pattern of alternative community initiatives: based on their differences from the conventional economic rationale  (Parts=4)
[1998]  Sustainable Occupation beyond the Economic Rationale: Reframing employment, non-profit-making and voluntary  (Parts=3)
[1998]  Reframing Personal Relationships between Innovators or Leaders  (Parts=6+Refs)
[1998]  Developing an Internet Framework for Creative Dialogue on Irreconcilable Policy Differences  (Parts=1)
[1998]  Bridging between Cognitive Paradigms for Development-relevant Classification  (Parts=1)
[1998]  Being Other Wise: dynamics of a meaningfully sustainable lifestyle  (Parts=16+Refs)
[1997]  Transformation Metaphors: dialogue, vision, conferencing, policy, network, community and lifestyle  (Parts=2)
[1997]  Reframing Inter-Faith Relationships  (Parts=1)
[1997]  Reframing Relationships as a Mathematical Challenge: Jerusalem as a Parody of Current Interfaith Dialogue  (Parts=8+Refs)
[1997]  Paradigm Leaps: Intrinsic Determination of Conceptual Patterning  (Parts=1)
[1997]  Globalization of Knowledge and Insight: envisaging a paradigm-shifting software package  (Parts=8+Refs)
[1997]  Future Generation through Global Conversation: in quest of collective well-being through conversation in the present moment  (Parts=10+Refs)
[1997]  Distorted Understandings of Synthesis: Reconfiguring the challenge of wholeness  (Parts=2)
[1997]  Devising a Paradigm-shifting Device  (Parts=7+Refs)
[1996]  People as Stargates: an alternative perspective on human relations in space-time  (Parts=1)
[1996]  From Information Highways to Songlines of the Noosphere: Global configuration of hypertext pathways as a prerequisite for meaningful collective transformation  (Parts=12+Refs)
[1996]  Being Employed by the Future: reframing the immediate challenge of sustainable community.  (Parts=8+Refs)
[1995]  Transformative conferencing: Dialogue (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Transformative policy cycles: Patterning (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Transformative policy cycles: Configuring (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Transcending methodological limitations: Challenge (Metaphor Project)
[1995]  Transcending the "switch" metaphor: Challenge (Metaphor Project)
[1995]  Relationships to other sections and databases: Method (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Reframing the unknown: Strategic denial (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Reframing cooperation through metaphor: Opportunity (Metaphor Project)
[1995]  Reframing the problem of "overpopulation": Opportunity (Metaphor Project)
[1995]  Reframing problems as metaphors: Opportunity (Metaphor Project)
[1995]  Paradox management: Discontinuity (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Metaphors of transformation in conferences: Dialogue (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Meshing imaginative vision and policy implementability: Context (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Inventing reality through configured imagery: Poetry and Policy (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Computer-assisted generation of strategies: Method (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Co-existence of unrelated human development paradigms: Significance (Human Development Project)
[1995]  Barriers to transcendent insight and social transformation: Comments (Human Development Project)
[1995]  Aesthetic paradox of unitary comprehension  (Parts=1)
[1994]  Transformative Approaches to International Organization  (Parts=12)
[1994]  The Future of Leadership: reframing the unknown  (Parts=4+Refs)
[1994]  Reframing Discourse on Sexual Harassment in Conferences  (Parts=7+Refs)
[1993]  Towards a Language of Spiritual Concord  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Structure of Declarations: Challenging Traditional Patterns  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Inventing Reality through Configured Imagery: Poetry-making and Policy-making (Part L)  (Parts=7)
[1993]  Envisioning the Dynamics of Partnerships for Change  (Parts=8)
[1993]  Clues to Working Insights in Conferences  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Reinventing Your Metaphoric Habitat  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Meshing Imaginative Vision and Policy Implementability  (Parts=10)
[1991]  Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue: Collection of papers  (Parts=1)
[1991]  Research Network on Catalytic Imagery for governance in impossible situations  (Parts=13+Refs)
[1991]  Participative Democracy vs. Participative Drama: lessons on social transformation for international organizations from Gorbachev  (Parts=15+Refs)
[1990]  Transformative Conferencing: re-enchantment of networking through conceptware  (Parts=11)
[1990]  Recontextualizing Social Problems through Metaphor: transcending the switch metaphor  (Parts=8)
[1990]  Recontextualizing Social Problems through Metaphor: transcending the switch metaphor (Part II)  (Parts=3+Refs)
[1986]  Review of Frameworks for the Representation of alternative Conceptual Orderings as Determined by Linguistic and Cultural Contexts  (Parts=26+Refs)
[1984]  Transformative Conferencing: Problems and possibilities on the new frontier of high-risk gatherings concerning social development  (Parts=9)
[1984]  Pattern Language for Participants: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part U)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Participant Personality Needs and Problems: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part Q)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Participant Interaction Modes: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part O)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Non-Linear Agendas and Linear Thinking: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part T)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Meetings as Metaphors: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part M)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Losing Meeting Focus: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part G)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Integrative Skills: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part D)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Integrative Failure: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part C)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Envisioning the Perfect Meeting: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part B)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Differences in Style of Artistic and Policy Endeavour: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part P)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Configurative Metaphors: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part J)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Complementary Metaphors of Discourse: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part I)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Comment: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part A)  (Parts=1)
[1983]  Patterning Transformative Change: dialogue, vision, conference, policy, network, community and lifestyle  (Parts=5)
[1983]  Networking Alternation: an alternation network of 384 pathways of organizational transformation  (Parts=13+Refs)
[1983]  Antagonistic Dualities: Polarization and Paradox  (Parts=4)
[1982]  Development as Discontinuous Societal Learning: Cyclic transformation of the global answer economy  (Parts=21+Refs)
[1982]  Conference Transformations: Maturing the reflective, focusing and transformative power of large-group conferences  (Parts=28)
[1982]  Alternative Presentation of Periodic Table of Elements, Highlighting Chemical Groups  (Parts=1)
[1981]  Togetherbound: a gathering of the mad  (Parts=13)
[1980]  Vector Equilibrium and its Transformation Pathways  (Parts=10)
[1979]  The Territory Construed as the Map: in search of radical design innovations in therepresentation of human activities and their relationships  (Parts=10+Refs)
[1979]  Groupware Configurations of Challenge and Harmony: an alternative approach to alternative organization  (Parts=12+Refs)
[1978]  Transcending Duality through Tensional Integrity: From systems-versus-networks to tensegrity organization  (Parts=8+Refs)
[1978]  Transcending Duality through Tensional Integrity: A lesson in organisation from building design  (Parts=7)
[1978]  Symbol generation (Annex 4)  (Parts=1)
[1977]  Système d'Echanges d'Informations: rélatif à une réunion dans le cadre d'un environnement de conférence par Ordinateur  (Parts=12)
[1977]  Individual Inability to Initiate Personal Lifestyle Change  (Parts=1)
[1977]  Formes d' organisation suscitées par la Complexité  (Parts=4)
[1977]  Complexity: its constraints on social innovation  (Parts=1)
[1977]  Alternative Network for International Asset Management  (Parts=4)
[1976]  World Forum for Social Innovation: Provisional Programme  (Parts=7)
[1976]  The Network Alternative  (Parts=1)
[1976]  Intervening to Solve National and World Problems: Real Change or System Maintenance?  (Parts=2)
[1975]  Information Centre on Social Innovation  (Parts=5)
[1973]  Toward a concept inventory: other initiatives  (Parts=6)
[1973]  Alternative Futures for the United Nations  (Parts=1)
[1971]  Wanted - A New Social Entity  (Parts=1)
[1971]  Recommendations for Change and Intervention in the World System  (Parts=1)
[1971]  Matrix Organization and Organizational Networks  (Parts=1)
[1970]  Tools for the Future: International Organizations and the Generation of the Will to Change  (Parts=1)
[1970]  International Organizations and the Generation of the Will to Change  (Parts=3)
[1970]  Discussion: International Organizations and the Generation of the Will to Change  (Parts=1)
[1970]  Conclusions: International Organizations and the Generation of the Will to Change  (Parts=1)
[1969]  Les possibilités d'utilisation, par les organisations internationales non gouvernementales, d'ordinateurs et de traitement électronique des données  (Parts=4)
[1968]  Utilisation, par les organisations internationales non gouvernementales, d'ordinateurs et de traitement électronique des données  (Parts=4)