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Parris, Matthew

  • [2010]  Parting Shots: undiplomatic diplomats -- the ambassadors' letters you were never meant to see. Penguin, 2010 (Parris, Matthew / Bryson, Andrew)
  • [2010]  It may be time for a collective mea culpa from the media. The Spectator, 25 September 2010
  • [2005]  I name the four powers who are behind the al-Qaeda conspiracy. The Times, 23 July 2005 [text]

Kairos documents referencing any of the above

[2015]:  Collective Mea Culpa? You Must be Joking! Them is to blame, Not us ! [Refs]

[2013]:  Being Neither a-Waving Nor a-Parting Cognitive implications of wave-particle duality in the light of science and spirituality [Refs]

[2005]:  Cui Bono: Groupthink vs Thinking the Unthinkable? Reframing the suffocating consensus in response to 7/7 [Refs]