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Envisioning the Dynamics of Partnerships for Change


Envisioning the Dynamics of 'Partnerships for Change'
Envisaging as a continuing process
Acknowledging differences
Communication by metaphor and catalytic imagery
Metaphoric discourse
A transcendental identity for sustainability
How to proceed ?
Next steps

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Originally produced on the occasion of the follow-up to the Earth Summit (1992, Rio de Janeiro) held in Manchester (1993)
on the initiative of the UK Government's Department of the Environment.


There is a real challenge to current capacity to envisage dynamics appropriate to global strategic events dealing with intractable issues -- especially if, as some hope, they are to take a more permanent form of relevance to the 21st century.

This note is therefore one exercise in envisioning how such a gathering might function. The main interest here lies in the nature of the dialogue process, and how it may transcend the difficulties usually encountered in international gatherings that bring together very different perspectives -- reflecting differences that may be considered quite intractable.