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Towards a Periodic Table of Questions

Strategic opportunities from ordering WH-questions (Part #1)

Dimensions of interrogatives that merit ordered distinction
Standard periodic table adapted as a metaphoric template for ordering WH-questions
Metaphoric reinterpretations of the chemical series of the standard periodic table
Metaphoric reinterpretation of natural condition and natural occurrence

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The purpose in the following experiment is to determine whether there are any insights to be gained by ordering the standard set of 7-WH questions (or interrogatives) in the form of a periodic table -- using the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements as a metaphorical template. The justification for such an exploration is that the 7 interrogatives could be considered as fundamental to the organization and dynamics of knowledge space as are the chemical elements to physical and biological space. Whether this parallel is associated with fundamental isomorphism -- or merely illustrative and of mnemonic value -- is to be determined. In the first instance however, the issue is to discover whether suggestive insights emerge from using the order of the standard periodic table and its various features.

It is appropriate to note that an argument has been made in the past by Edward Haskell for a generalization of the order and application of the periodic table (cf ...) This has attracted little attention but was a factor in the development of the subject categorization of the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential.">Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential.