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Overtures of The Beast: Poetry-making and Policy-making (Part B)


Overtures of the Beast
2. Corporations
3. Politics
4. Work
5. Advertising
6. Religion
7. Sciences
8. Education and training mnemonics

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Part B of Poetry-making and Policy-making: Arranging a Marriage between Beauty and the Beast (1993)

From a feminist perspective, the Beast conforms to the stereotype of the macho male in his treatment of Beauty as a form of cultural sex object. As a decorative object she is manoeuvred and displayed, often with the greatest cynicism, to enhance his own self-image.

1. Military and sporting events

That Beauty is important to the Beast is well illustrated by the way she has been "used" in military operations. Historically much importance has been attached to the development of battle chants and marching (bootcamp) songs as a way of psyching up soldiers and intimidating the enemy. This dates back to tribal times. Use of chants as a preliminary to violent reprisals has been documented amongst the Zulus in 1993. Similar chants are used prior to the commencement of major ball games and by fans accompanying them. The English rugby team in 1992 was reportedly intimidated by the All Blacks haka war chant -- designed for that purpose. The US military operation in Grenada, Kuwait and Waco (Texas) made use of broadcast music to undermine the morale of their enemy.