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Coherent Value Frameworks: Pillar-ization, Polarization and Polyhedral frames of reference

Implications of the global systemic structure of any comprehensive set of values

Coherent Value Frameworks
Holders of value configurations -- and their "pillars"
Polarization and its possible dynamic reframing
Incompatible value frameworks: "token agreement" vs "bloody disagreement"
Value-based crisis: values as instruments of memetic warfare
Sharing value and ethical frameworks
Configuring sets of values and principles as polyhedra
From "value frameworks" to "value vehicles": statics vs dynamics ?

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This context for the arguments developed here is provided separately in In Quest of Engaging Values: context of the Human Values and Wisdom Project (2008). The argument here introduces that in a subsequent document Topology of Valuing: psychodynamics of collective engagement with polyhedral value configurations (2008). The latter document contains the References for all three. The argument of all three is summarized in a final paper (Embodying Values Dynamically through Alternation: integrating sets of polarized static values through indicative metaphor, 2008). The exploration was undertaken as a contribution to a Panel on Ethics and Policies for Sustainable Futures (Hyderabad, 2008) of the World Academy of Art and Science.

The focus here is on the global systemic structure of any set of values or ethics and its necessary isomorphism and resonance with a society that is global in ways additional to the conventional geopolitical perspective -- as a global knowledge society.

This exploration is associated with related studies of the relevance of "polyhedral" structures to governance (Towards Polyhedral Global Governance: complexifying oversimplistic strategic metaphors, 2008; Polyhedral Pattern Language: software facilitation of emergence, representation and transformation of psycho-social organization, 2008; Configuring Global Governance Groups: experimental visualization of possible integrative relationships, 2008).

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