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Living Differences for Sustainable Lifestyles

Cultivating the energies of positive/negative, us/them, old/new, wealth/poverty

cultivating differences

general systems understood as patterns for difference handling

polarization paper

other papers

windings -- Tesla

movement in relation to coil

see notes ***

see electrical thing for Wisdom Initiative

electrical problem of essential spark:

  • static lightning model -- clash of civilizations
  • vs continuous process creativity -- recycling
  • dynamically balanced network of polarized energy flows -- Chinese medicine p. 58
  • devices to generate static electricity
    • winshell?
  • no technology for channelling energy associated with difference
    • feedback loops across the dividide
    • windings
    • clash of civilizations
    • chakras as cognitive planets / Kundalini

need to beware of how a binary relationship relationship is set up and managed

  • initial spark between people -- managed how
  • incorporate the why of the other

electrical metaphors

  • Freud etc
  • McLuhan >> electricity may be said to have outered the central nervous system itself 73
  • alternative - Davis 68-70
    • Our language drips with electromagnetic metaphors, of magnetic personalities and live wires, of bad vibes and tuning out, of getting grounded andf recharging batteries. Whether or not the body radiates a polarized energy soul, the self is now swaddled in electromagnetic skin (p 70)

Ring of the Lords

world is a memory palace -- forgotten how to use it

  • study machines, ;learn about selves

quote: if spiritual insight was that simple, why the need for such extensive religious texts?

National Anthems of the World -- sinchart

pattern virus / program updating -- pacemaker

necessary separation

  • expanding universe -- why?
  • astrophysics

semiosphere -- knowledge organization -- semionaut -- world of signs and notations/notes

'boing' ... resonance

  • -- communication asd resonance
  • -- SETI compatability signal
  • vs radar

feedback loops across the divide -- I Ching -- polarization

mala beads -- string of worlds / concepts

peak meaning and infocollapse

discovery of something does not preclude its subsequent discovery by others -- explanation does not constitute a dusguised form of intellectual copyright

no ultimate explanation or TOE

  • variants etc according to the orginator's perspective identity
  • people get stuck on "rocks" in a stream
  • aestheticvs of each others eddies
  • not what theory of truth but how to relate to some theories to which some subscribe

fractal TOEs

grokking -- scientology ??? Heinlein

why do we accept the authority of theories

  • to each his story -- my democracy
  • mandala / my universe

Atlas of Management Thinking

in the moment

  • all applied
  • where arre we
  • render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's -- and unto
  • invariant wind/rain, hot/cold, etc
  • conservative vs
  • Gnostic archon -- project logic
  • gravity effects -- zero gravity
  • within a Tesla device / astrophysical system
  • breathing / digesting / food acquisition / borrowing in ideas
  • incarnation (entrance) vs carnation (exit, embodiment)
    • en-trance vs ex-it(ness) and reificiation
    • donning vs doffing

have many of the intellectual tools

  • not applied to materialization <> dematerialization
  • [ice vs vapour phase diagram]
  • matter / energy / info as applied to thinking [phase diagram]
  • distillation column style

Pos/Neg paper

Steve Salerno. Sham

Michel R LeGault. Think