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Principles of the Conscientized International Expert: political correctness in international initiatives (Part #2)

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8. Location: I will not participate in meetings or projects based in cities to which a disproportionate percentage of resources is already allocated at the expense of other locations whose underprivileged condition is consequently aggravated.

It is intolerable that projects to reduce the unequal allocation of resources should constitute a basic demonstration of the mentality which reinforces the continuation of such practices.

9. Transportation: I will only participate in meetings or projects which do not require use of vehicles constructed by aerospace and automotive enterprises intimately associated with the manufacture of arms and military equipment.

Such enterprises are at the heart of the military-industrial complex and contribute directly to the arms race, to misallocation of resources, and the aggravation of world problems. Each time such vehicles are used to transport participants the position of such enterprises within the international system is reinforced

10. Handicapped: I will only participate in meetings or projects which make provision for the participation on an equal footing of those who may be physically handicapped, whether confined to wheel chairs, blind, deaf or with a speech impediment.

A physical handicap should not constitute an excuse for disqualifying a participant, particularly when this is reinforced by the design of the conference building, furniture, toilet and audio-visual facilities, and the arrangements made for transport and accommodation. This is especially the case when the project in concerned with problems which may give rise to the handicap by which the person is afflicted and to which that person is uniquely qualified to bear witness.

11. Equipment: I will only participate in meetings or projects which do not make use of technical equipment (e.g. typewriters, computers, telephones, desk calculators, interpretation equipment, etc.) manufactured or maintained by multinational enterprises.

Aside from making use of scarce resources, and displacing individuals from jobs, such products are often partly manufactured in developing countries under exploitative labour arrangements and are then sold under monopolistic conditions.

12. Ergonomic factors: I will only participate in meetings or projects which involve use of furniture and time schedules which respect the physiological and psychological needs of participants (as determined by such disciplines as ergonomics).

It is unreasonable to expect a group to generate useful results for a wider society when its members do violence to their posture, health and general well-being by the manner is which they are obliged to work. Furthermore, solutions to this difficulty should reflect the needs of individuals from cultures where both the actual furniture and the organization and pace of interpersonal interaction may be very different

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