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Seven dimensional questioning

Am I Question or Answer? (Part #10)

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It is an interesting challenge to identify a structure that could fruitfully hold and interrelate the seven WH-questions in a manner that allowed for its reconfiguration under different circumstances. One such candidate is the cuboctahedron fundamental to the explorations of R Buckminster Fuller (Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking, 1975) as the vector equilibrium. This structure is especially significant because of its unusual flexibility and the variety of transformations it allows (cf Vector Equilibrium and its Transformation Pathways, 1980).

The structure has:

  • 8 triangular-shaped faces on 4 axes -- suggestive mnemonic supports for the when-question, the where-question, the which-question, and the how-question.
  • 6 square-shaped faces on 3 axes -- suggestive mnemonic supports for the what-question, the who-question and the why-question.

Together these seven axes offer a symbolic integration of Revelation's "trumpeting angels" (see below).