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Identifying the Root Cause Focus of Radical Identity

Reframing the complex space of radicalisation dynamics (Part #1)

Ordering multiple competing quests for radical causes
Metaphorical frame offered by the periodic table of chemical elements
Metaphorical frame offered by the relationship between hydrogen and helium as fundamental extremes
Metaphorical frame offered by an 8x8 configuration typical of board games
Metaphorical frame offered by 8x8 encoding patterns in Chinese tradition
Metaphorical frame offfered by 8x8 patterns comprehensible as "logical"
Metaphorical frame offered by insight from an 8x8 magic square
Metaphorical frame offered by understandings of axes of bias
Beyond the tabular plan in a global context
Radical identification and radical identity as a paradoxical challenge

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Annex to Coming Out as a Radical -- or Coming In? Risks of cultivating negative capability in a caliphate of normality (2015)


Following the discussion of the failure in the analysis of root causes as presented in the main paper Coming Out as a Radical -- or Coming In? (2015), it is appropriate to explore other ways of understanding and exploring the challenge of the radical and the extreme. One particular speculative approach is presented separately (Radical Localization in a Global Systemic Context: distinguishing normality using playing card suits as a pattern language, 2015).

The focus here is the exploration of a variety of metaphorical frameworks through which "radical" might be understood otherwise, most notably in terms of a dynamic inspired by a post-Newtonian sense of nonlocality. The question raised is the nature of radical identity as a consequence of a radicalisation process understood more generally as a learning process typical of progressively enhanced creativity and self-reflexivity -- effectively of self-development. The argument follows from previous discussion of the Radicalisation of Existence and Identity, (2015) and the implications of uncritical demonisation (Radicalisation versus Demonisation? 2015).

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