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Topic: Interrelationship

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[2013]  Potential of Feynman Diagrams for Challenging Psychosocial Relationships?  (Parts=9+Refs)
[2013]  Global Security from an Interplanetary Perspective   (Parts=1)
[2013]  Global Security from an Interplanetary Perspective   (Parts=1)
[2012]  Visualizing Latent Significance in Patterns of Relationships  (Parts=5)
[2012]  Transcending Simplistic Binary Contractual Relationships   (Parts=11+Refs)
[2012]  Multi-phase Weaponisation of Replica Guns for Children   (Parts=8+Refs)
[2012]  Enabling Wisdom Dynamically within Intertwined Tori   (Parts=10+Refs)
[2011]  Ungovernability of Sustainable Global Democracy?  (Parts=10+Refs)
[2011]  Interplanetary Security Council resolution: No-fly zone on Earth  (Parts=1)
[2011]  Interactive Animations Maps of Interrelated Human Values  (Parts=1)
[2010]  Interrelating Emotive Interjections in Response to Integrative Failure  (Parts=10)
[2009]  Us and Them: Relating to Challenging Others  (Parts=12+Refs)
[2009]  Requisite Variety to Encompass Multidimensional Identity  (Parts=3)
[2009]  Facism as Superficial Intercultural Extremism  (Parts=14)
[2009]  Enveloping Development through Cognitive Enactivism  (Parts=9)
[2009]  Developing a Busyness Model  (Parts=1+Refs)
[2008]  Towards Polyhedral Global Governance: complexifying oversimplistic strategic metaphors  (Parts=17+Refs)
[2008]  Dynamic Interrelationship of Symbols of Coherent Experiential Representation of Nonduality (DISCERN)  (Parts=9)
[2008]  Dynamic Exploration of Value Configurations: Interrelating traditional cultural symbols through animation  (Parts=11)
[2008]  Configuring Global Governance Groups: Experimental visualization of possible integrative relationships  (Parts=6)
[2007]  Universal Declaration of Responsibilities of Human Intercourse: a draft proposal  (Parts=8+Refs)
[2007]  Tuning a Periodic Table of Religions, Epistemologies and Spirituality: including the sciences and other belief systems   (Parts=16+Refs)
[2007]  Potential Misuse of the Conveyor Metaphor: Recognition of the circular dynamic essential to its appropriate operation  (Parts=19)
[2007]  Possibilities for Massive Participative Interaction: including voting, questions, metaphors, images, constructs, melodies, issues, symbols  (Parts=12)
[2007]  Interrelating Metaphors -- to enable a cycle of transformation between epistemological modes  (Parts=9+Refs)
[2007]  History of Participant Interaction Messaging (1979-1995)  (Parts=2)
[2007]  Existential Challenge of "The Other": Climbing Elven Stairways (Part A)  (Parts=12)
[2007]  Emergence of Cyclical Psycho-social Identity: sustainability as "psyclically" defined   (Parts=19+Refs)
[2007]  Climbing Elven Stairways: DNA as a macroscopic metaphor of polarized psychodynamics   (Parts=19+Refs)
[2007]  Archetypal Otherness -- "DNA vs. I Ching": Climbing Elven Stairways (Part B)  (Parts=7+Refs)
[2006]  Lemniscate and Relationship Modelling   (Parts=1)
[2006]  Interrelating Cognitive Catastrophes in a Grail-chalice Proto-model: implications of WH-questions for self-reflexivity and dialogue  (Parts=7)
[2006]  Epistemological Challenge of Cognitive Body Odour: exploring the underside of dialogue  (Parts=7+Refs)
[2006]  Cyclopean Vision vs Poly-sensual Engagement   (Parts=7+Refs)
[2006]  Comprehension of Requisite Variety for Sustainable Psychosocial Dynamics: Transforming a matrix classification onto intertwined tori  (Parts=19+Refs)
[2006]  Coactive Contextual Relationships: necessary underdefinition and resonant associations of ITER-8  (Parts=5)
[2005]  Thinking in Terror: refocusing the interreligious challenge from thinking after terror  (Parts=10+Refs)
[2005]  Cardioid Attractor Fundamental to Sustainability: 8 transactional games forming the heart of sustainable relationship  (Parts=16+Refs)
[2004]  Spherical Accounting: Using geometry to embody developmental integrity  (Parts=16+Refs)
[2004]  Future of United Nations - Civil Society Relations: 257 questions in assessing the Report of the Panel of Eminent Persons  (Parts=9+Refs)
[2004]  Dancing on Terra -- with Terror: Disciplines reframing terrifying relationships  (Parts=3)
[2003]  Interplanetary Security Council: Nibiru-sponsored draft resolution on Earth (4003)  (Parts=1)
[2003]  Complementary Truth-handling Strategies: Mediating the relationship between the "Last class" and the "Liar class"  (Parts=5+Refs)
[2003]  Complementary Patterns of Meaningful Truth and the Interface between Alternative Variants   (Parts=3)
[2002]  Interplanetary Security Council: Nibiru draft resolution  (Parts=1)
[2002]  Interplanetary Security Council: Nibiru-sponsored resolution 1441 on Earth  (Parts=1)
[2001]  Sharing a Documentary Pilgrimage: UIA -- Saur Relations  (Parts=1)
[2001]  Missiles, Missives, Missions and Memetic Warfare: Navigation of strategic interfaces in multidimensional knowledge space  (Parts=12+Refs)
[2000]  UN Public relations and "NGOs"  (Parts=8)
[1999]  Intelli-work: Procedural Framework for the Interoperability of Decentralized Knowledge Management Processes  (Parts=8)
[1999]  Coordination through Templates of Thematic Relationships   (Parts=1)
[1998]  Unexplored Opportunities for Organizing Territory and Relationships  (Parts=1)
[1998]  Spherical configuration of interlocking roundtables: Internet enhancement of global self-organization through patterns of dialogue  (Parts=22)
[1998]  Reframing Personal Relationships between Innovators or Leaders  (Parts=6+Refs)
[1998]  Horrorscope: exploring cross-sectoral systemic relationships  (Parts=1)
[1997]  Reframing Inter-Faith Relationships  (Parts=1)
[1997]  Reframing Relationships as a Mathematical Challenge: Jerusalem as a Parody of Current Interfaith Dialogue  (Parts=8+Refs)
[1997]  Aesthetic Challenge of Interfaith Dialogue as Exemplified by Meditation  (Parts=15)
[1996]  People as Stargates: an alternative perspective on human relations in space-time  (Parts=1)
[1996]  Interacting Fruitfully with Un-Civil Society: the dilemma for non-civil society organizations  (Parts=12+Refs)
[1995]  Use of interactive graphics: Interactive database use (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Representation of Interlocking Elements for a Sustainable Global System (Configuring strategic dilemmas in intersectoral dialogue)
[1995]  Relationships to other sections and databases: Method (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Relationships between strategies: Method (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Obstacles to an interdisciplinary focus: Significance (Integrative Knowledge Project)
[1995]  Interrelating incompatible viewpoints: Patterning (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Interrelating values: Comments (Human Values Project)
[1995]  Interpersonal Strategic Dilemmas of Participation (in a sustainable inter-sectoral meeting)
[1995]  Interparadigmatic dialogue: Epistemological challenges (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Interactive access and future developments: Overview (Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential)
[1995]  Inter-sectoral Strategic Dilemmas of Sustainable Development (Configuring strategic dilemmas in intersectoral dialogue)
[1995]  Inter-problem relationships: Method (World Problems Project)
[1995]  Graphics environment for exploring relationship networks: Visualization (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Framework for interrelating incompatible perspectives: Significance (World Problems Project)
[1995]  De-categorization and poly-ocular vision: Epistemological challenges (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Configuring Relationships between world problems and cognitive resources  (Parts=1)
[1995]  Configuring Strategic Dilemmas in Intersectoral Dialogue (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1995]  Configuring strategic dilemmas in intersectoral dialogue: Strategic ecosystem (Global Strategies Project)
[1995]  Augmented hypertext editing: Interactive database use (Transformative Approaches Project)
[1993]  Towards a Language of Spiritual Concord  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Systems of Categories Distinguishing Cultural Biases: with notes on facilitation in a multicultural environment  (Parts=9)
[1993]  Premises for an Inter-Cultural Gathering  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Learnings for the Future of Inter-Faith Dialogue (Part I)  (Parts=23+Refs)
[1993]  Future Role of Multi-media Technology: Poetry-making and Policy-making (Part N)  (Parts=6)
[1993]  Facilitation in a Cross-cultural Environment  (Parts=1)
[1993]  Commments on Social Constructionism and Postmodernism  (Parts=3)
[1993]  Axes of Bias in Inter-cultural Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Visualizing Relationship Networks: International, Interdisciplinary, Intersectoral  (Parts=2)
[1992]  Premises for an Inter-Sectoral Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Network Mapping: Development of an operational relationship technique  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Inter-Sectoral Dialogue and Sustainable Development: Conveying Earth Summit Insights  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Dilemmas of Inter-Sectoral Dialogue Processes  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Configuring Strategic Dilemmas in Intersectoral Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Computer Mapping: Use of Interactive Graphics  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Axes of Bias in Inter-Sectoral Dialogue  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Atlas of International Relationship Networks: Status  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Atlas of International Relationship Networks  (Parts=1)
[1992]  Atlas de Reseaux Internationaux de Relations  (Parts=1)
[1991]  Higher Orders of Inter-sectoral Consensus  (Parts=17)
[1990]  Towards a general typology of relationships (between people, concepts, etc)  (Parts=1+Refs)
[1988]  Atlas of International Relationship Networks: Phased Cycles  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Participant Interaction Modes: Towards Transformative Conferencing and Dialogue (Part O)  (Parts=1)
[1984]  Examples of Integrated, Multi-set Concept Schemes  (Parts=1)
[1983]  Interrelating Incompatible Viewpoints: dialogue, vision, conference, policy, network, community and lifestyle  (Parts=7)
[1982]  Presentation of Inter-relationships of Different Levels of Inquiry and Modes of Experience   (Parts=1)
[1982]  Integrative Matrix of Human Preoccupations  (Parts=1)
[1981]  INTERCONTACT: an on-line information system on international organizations and conferences  (Parts=1)
[1980]  Patterns of N-foldness: Comparison of integrated multi-set concept schemes as forms of presentation  (Parts=10+Refs)
[1980]  Participant Interaction Messaging: improving the conference process  (Parts=11+Refs)
[1979]  The Territory Construed as the Map: in search of radical design innovations in therepresentation of human activities and their relationships  (Parts=10+Refs)
[1979]  Interacting Concepts of Human Development  (Parts=1)
[1978]  Relations between an Intentional Community and an Urban Focal Point  (Parts=1)
[1978]  Interrelating Viewpoints in Complex Meetings  (Parts=9)
[1978]  Inter-Organizational Networking  (Parts=12+Refs)
[1978]  An Approach to Systematic Classification of Interpersonal Relationships  (Parts=6+Refs)
[1976]  Group Questing or Twelving  (Parts=3)
[1975]  World Problems and Human Potential: a data interlinkage and display process  (Parts=4+Refs)
[1975]  Technical facilitation of meeting dynamics and participant interaction  (Parts=1)
[1975]  Technical Facilitation of Meeting Dynamics and Participant Inter-action  (Parts=10)
[1974]  The Harmony of Interaction and the Facilitation of Network Processes  (Parts=5+Refs)
[1974]  Relationship between types of organization and selected activities and qualities  (Parts=1)
[1974]  Relationship between types of organization and selected activities and qualities  (Parts=1)
[1973]  UN - NGO Relations : a New Departure ?  (Parts=9)
[1973]  Preliminary Clarification of Some Problems of Processing Networks of Entities  (Parts=2)
[1973]  Les Relations Interorganisationnelles: à la recherche d'un nouveau style  (Parts=8)
[1973]  Inter-organizational relationships: in search of a new style  (Parts=8)
[1972]  Summary of the Crises in Interorganizational Relationships at the International Level  (Parts=8)
[1972]  Relationship Between Elements of Knowledge  (Parts=2)
[1972]  Information Needs and the Consultative Relationship in the Second United Nations Development Decade  (Parts=1)
[1972]  IGO-INGO and INGO-INGO Relations: a possible approach  (Parts=8)
[1971]  Use of Multi-Meetings: Proposal for Improvement to NGO / UN Relationships  (Parts=7)
[1971]  Summary of the Crises in Inter-Organizational Relationships at the International Level  (Parts=3)
[1971]  Specific proposals: Next Step in Inter-organizational Relationships  (Parts=8)
[1971]  Next Step in Inter-organizational Relationships  (Parts=1)
[1971]  Interdependence and Isolationism  (Parts=1)
[1971]  Inter-organizational data and data bank design  (Parts=9+Refs)
[1971]  Information Systems and Inter-Organizational Space  (Parts=10+Refs)
[1971]  IGO-INGO and INGO-INGO Relations: a possible approach   (Parts=1)
[1970]  Information Needs and the Consultative Relationship: in the Second United Nations Development Decade  (Parts=3)
[1970]  A Network Approach to Programme Interaction  (Parts=1)
[1969]  General Systems, Education and the relevance of world system data banks and the Inter-Contact technique  (Parts=9)