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Universal Declaration of Responsibilities of Human Intercourse

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[2016]:  Questionable notions of human equality Cultivating the Myth of Human Equality (Part 10/11+Refs)

[2015]:  Modest proposal: issue Vatican passports to all refugees arriving in Europe Issuance of Vatican Passports to Trans-Mediterranean Immigrants (Part 4/8+Refs)

[2015]:  Covert operations by US in response to THEM Eliciting Insight from Covert Operations by US (Part 5/7+Refs)

[2014]:  Holy fatherhood and paternal responsibility Is the World View of a Holy Father Necessarily Full of Holes? (Part 4/13+Refs)

[2013]:  Enabling suffering through religious doublespeak Enabling Suffering through Doublespeak and Doublethink (Part 2/6)

[2013]:  Towards a realistic simulation of faith-based population policies Is There Never Enough? (Part 10/11+Refs)

[2012]:  Reframing the 2052 Report through imaginative inquiry Engendering 2052 through Re-imagining the Present (Part 13/15+Refs)

[2009]:  Sustainability through cognitive self-reliance Declaration of Universal Independence (Part 8/10)