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Use of superficial response, decoys and lures

Wrecking an International Project: Notes from a saboteurs vade mecum (Part #10)

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  1. State that it already forms part of your program (whether you are doing anything about it or riot).
  2. Have a meeting on the topic, but do not do anything about it.
  3. Pass a resolution.
  4. Call for a day or a year of remembrance or celebration - as a token
  5. Cite action or programs -- particularly in distant parts - as evidence that something is being done
  6. Offer the proposer a job on a different project.
  7. Suggest that the person write a book, or start a periodical, or organize an information service on the topic.
  8. Consider a narrow aspect of what needs to be done, ignoring the context. Propose and implement a program to handle it, then acclaim one's own success, despite its irrelevance to the problem as a whole.
  9. Devote considerable resources to discussing the program and writing it up in a "positive" manner in annual reports, and draw attention away from the actual budget for it.
  10. Start the program in an ambitious, positive way and then terminate it on the first excuse.
  11. Express admiration for the insignificant, superficial or irrelevant achievement, and ignore real achievements or real problems which the program has failed to solve.
  12. Arrange for alternative meetings or projects so as to attract away the appropriate people at the critical moment.
  13. Receive a person, agree to do something about it so that the person leaves satisfied, then do nothing or support opposing programs.
  14. Agree to act as intermediary to transfer a message or draft to the responsible body in time for a critical meeting and fail to do so -- while inserting one's own proposal in its place.
  15. Suggest to people in the chain reviewing the project that their career advancement might be affected by approval of. the project, or of a project coming from the proposer's organization.
  16. Suggest to the proposing organization that funds could be guaranteed for another project, if efforts on the initial project were abandoned.
  17. Focus criticism on "picky", minor details, drawing attention away from the major content and substance of file proposal.