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Use of project personnel

Wrecking an International Project: Notes from a saboteurs vade mecum (Part #12)

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  1. Offer the proposer a job doing what he suggests but ensuring that he works with constraints which will ensure that nothing is achieved.
  2. Appoint an incompetent to run the program or two incompatible competent people so that one will undermine the efforts of the other.
  3. Supply funds, personnel and machines for a program in such a way that nothing can be achieved.
  4. Give them enough rope "to hang themselves".
  5. Encourage the appointment of persons who will he more concerned with (lie prestige of the program than with its effectiveness.
  6. Collaborate enthusiastically by offering the services of all the wrong people, particularly the deadwood in one's own department or in those with which one is in contact.
  7. Supply generous support, but make it a condition that the project take on many assistants (for whom jobs cannot be found elsewhere) whose personal objectives are to avoid work and any form of responsibility.