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Use of cultural and working style differences

Wrecking an International Project: Notes from a saboteurs vade mecum (Part #4)

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  1. Recommend that proposal be first discussed informally with the person when the latter is irritated by contacts which have been initial: formally; or alternatively, recommend formal contact when the p son prefers contacts to be first est fished informally.
  2. Ensure that, when the proposer to meet people critical to approval of the project, he is subjected to some form of culture shock which will antagonize him, disturb his poise, or make him appear gauche. (e.g., he is forced to wait long past the appointed hour, obliged to discuss generalities as a lengthy preliminary, fails to make provision for a bribe considered normal in 1 interlocutor's culture, etc.)
  3. Ensure that there is a wide difference in age and life style between the proposer and people he has to encounter who are critical to approval of' the project, in order to establish the proposer's image as a cheeky youngster or an out of date "fuddy-duddy".
  4. Ensure that the proposer entertains people critical to the approval of the project in a manner liable to cause offence or boredom which will reflect on the proposer's judgement (e.g., ensure errors based on diet restrictions such as taking a vegetarian to a steak house; on moral principles, such as taking a puritan to a strip joint; or musical taste, such as taking a musical puritan to a discotheque, etc.)
  5. Ensure that the committee getting the project is overfed and oversupplied with liquor and excessive hospitality to make effective work impossible.