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Schneider, Bertrand

  • [1995]  The Scandal and the Shame: Poverty and Underdevelopment. Vikas Publishing / Bertelsmann, 1995
  • [1993]  For a Better World Order. Fundacion BBV, 1993 (Rosensohn, Nicole / Schneider, Bertrand)
  • [1992]  The First Global Revolution: a report by the Council of the Club of Rome. Simon and Schuster, 1992 (King, Alexander / Schneider, Bertrand)
  • [1991]  The First Global Revolution: a preport by the Council of the Club of Rome. Pantheon, 1991 (King, Alexander / Schneider, Bertrand)
  • [1988]  Africa Facing its Priorities. Tycooly Intl, 1988
  • [1987]  In Search of a Wisdom for the World: the role of ethical values in education. UNESCO, Studies and documents on Major Programme I, 7, 1987; BEP/GPI/7; BEP.89/WS/9; BEP.87/WS/81 (A collective investigation for the Club of Rome) [text]
  • [1985]  The Barefoot Revolution. Practical Action, 1985

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