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Series, Caroline

  • [2002]  Indra's Pearls: The Vision of Felix Klein. Cambridge University Press, 2002 (Mumford, David / Series, Caroline / Wright, David)

Kairos documents referencing any of the above

[2015]:  Dreams that Dialogue is Made Of Radical reframing offering neglected degrees of freedom [Refs]

[2014]:  The-O ring: Theory, Theorem, Theology, Theosophy? A playful intercultural quest for fruitful complementarity [Refs]

[2014]:  Is the World View of a Holy Father Necessarily Full of Holes? Mysterious theological black holes engendering global crises [Refs]

[2014]:  Engendering Viable Global Futures through Hemispheric Integration A radical challenge to individual imagination [Refs]

[2014]:  Now as the Ultimate Cognitive Strange Attractor A continuing invitation down the rabbit hole ? [Refs]

[2006]:  Comprehension of Requisite Variety for Sustainable Psychosocial Dynamics: Transforming a matrix classification onto intertwined tori [Refs]