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Participative Development Process for Singable Declarations: Applying the Wikipedia-Wikimedia-WikiMusic concept to constitutions


Participative Development Process for Singable Declarations
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Annex 1 of A Singable Earth Charter, EU Constitution or Global Ethic?


The main paper (A Singable Earth Charter, EU Constitution or Global Ethic?, 2006) develops the arguments for the value of music and song in rendering comprehensible, meaningful and memorable key complex legal texts such as international constitutions, charters, declarations or strategic initiatives. The questions asked are: Why should national legislation not be singable? Why should global strategies, like Agenda 21, not be singable? What is achieved by structuring policy so that its complex interdependencies are memorable only to the few and meaningless to those who depend on its viability?

These arguments emphasize the potential role of music and song not to give expression to texts developed through a legalistic mindset. It also emphasized the use of the harmonic riches of music and song to give form to even more innovative patterns of psychosocial relationships and constraints which it may otherwise be difficult, if not impossible to render meaningful in legalese.

In exploring these possibilities, it is important to distinguish the use of songs "about" institutional change -- whether in protest, in praise of enabling agreements, or in celebration of the values they express -- from their use to "bring about" such a change of pattern, or inhibit it. The challenge is to design a participative process to explore whether the complex harmonies of music can "bring into being" and "give form to" new patterns of cooperative relationship responsive to the challenge of the times. Specifically the concern is not with any form of "backing music" or "vocal backing" in affirmation of declarations but rather with how song or music can engender and sustain innovative patterns of relationship.

One significant possibility for such a process is an open-source musical equivalent to the Wikipedia process through which the parts of a song articulating a declaration or constitution are discussed and formulated for further discussion, but without closure.

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