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Spinning a Rapid Exit Strategy from Iraq


Spinning a Rapid Exit Strategy from Iraq
Discover "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (WMD)
Reactivate "Saddam Hussein"
Refocus on "more serious problem"
Ensure blanket media spin
"Manage" internet communications
"Fix" potential critics
Propose the "relocation" of the focus of international debate

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This is an overview of a strategic option for an honourable exit of the US-led Coalition of the Willing from Iraq under circumstances assessed by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (Strategic Survey 2007) in the following terms:

The strategic hole the US found itself in [in 2007] did not have any obvious escape and so constituted a political trap for both political parties'.

The strategy outlined below requires a configuration of appropriately timed and complementary initiatives. Through them the moral high ground can be successfully occupied once again.

Find "Osama bin Laden"

It is important to recognize that credible evidence for the existence of Osama bin Laden, and his role as leader of al-Qaida, has not been subject to any confirmation by any independent authority of any credibility. Tapes appear, but it would cost very little to fake such representations of "Osama bin Laden" and feed them to appropriate sources sympathetic to anti-Coalition media. This is notably the case with the message of September 2007. It is important to remember how "solid" was held to be the evidence presented for the existence of WMD -- to the UN Security Council -- evidence "authenticated" by the same authorities that have "authenticated" the message of September 2007.

It is appropriate to recall the acknowledged links between Osama bin Laden and the CIA, notably with respect to his earlier role in Afghanistan. There is no credible evidence that in his current role he is not simply fulfilling a function previously agreed with the CIA to polarize and exacerbate a problematic situation as a means of advancing various agendas. The close financial relationship acknowledged between George Bush and the bin Laden family is indicative of many such possibilities..

Given the quality of evidence, and the lack of response to a $50 million reward for the world's "most wanted" man, it is reasonable to conclude that "Osama bin Laden" is in some respects a CIA operative -- if not a fabricated entity -- with message tapes fabricated as it is deemed necessary to maintain the credibility of the fiction. This is no questions the fatal reality of destructive incidents that may be understood to be reinforced by such messages, but the evidence for the ultimate responsibility for such devices remains unclarified. However it is totally unnecessary to focus on the reality of the existence of Osama bin Laden in spinning an exit strategy.

More credible is the possibility of simply discovering an "Osama bin Laden" -- dead or alive. Such a person could be easily fabricated by any actor, reasonably costumed, and "discovered" in reasonably credible circumstances. Consideration can be given to whether an actual living body needs to be found or whether to fabricate a story in which his location is determined and he is killed in a final battle -- suitably dramatized for the media. Evidence to the contrary can be credibly destroyed by collapsing a cave on the body's remains. Evidence relating to DNA confirmation (etc.) can simply be fabricated and appropriately publicized. Eminent "independent experts" can be appropriately rewarded, or guided in their decisions by appropriate threats -- or simply assassinated as a legitimate threat to "national security" if they are unwilling to confirm the story. This can be done through proxies. Any tapes purporting to come from the real Osama bin Laden can be simply discredited as fakes by the same process.

George Bush is then placed in a position of exemplifying the appropriateness of his search and the success of his quest to destroy the No. 1 enemy of the USA. As noted below, any weaknesses in the story can be skillfully covered by suitable media treatment.

This should appropriately vindicate and position George Bush, the neocons and the Christian Coalition as core supporters.

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