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Concern for sustainable communities and lifestyles recognizes the need to change "consumption patterns" in order to reduce the ecological footprint of those adopting the advocated lifestyles. Many specific suggestions have been put forward with respect to energy, food, water, transportation and the like. These are the subject of international, national, regional, municipal and household programmes, notably in relation to the recommendations of Agenda 21.

At the same time there is considerable pressure to enhance lifestyles and quality of life through use of more sophisticated energy-demanding products and services. Indeed significant sectors of the economic are dependent on persuading people through skilled marketing to adopt these new products which tend to increase the ecological footprint of those so persuaded.

Aside from the concern to improve lifestyles, this proposal also addresses needs of those who are economically and socially disadvantaged and do not have access to particular products, but may have access to their substitutes. This may be especially relevant in the event of disaster and catastrophe as addressed by civil defence and humanitarian relief programs, when they occur or in anticipation of them.