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Tensing Associative Networks to contain the Fragmentation and Erosion of Collective Memory

Prepared for Commission III (Role of associations in transnational communication) of the World Forum of International / Transnational Associations, Brussels, 23-27 June 1980. Printed in Transnational Associations, 1981, 5, pp. 311-316 [PDF version]

Miscommunication about communication
Towards an overview of communication
Communication for what ?
Containing significance
Groupware configurations as containers: constraints
Groupware configurations as containers: possibilities
Interdisciplinary illusion
Associative network
World problem network contained
Encouraging more relevant communication patterns
Role of the individual
Annex: A New Global Organizational Order

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As with many other social phenomena, never has there been a period of history in which so much occurred under the term 'communication'. There has been little interest in attempting to see how the many different forms of communication are related and in determining the significance of the resulting pattern. In general it is clear that these processes are vital to the future evolution of world society, but it is far from clear how they relate to the pattern of societal institutions and to the increasing problems they attempt to resolve. These are the preoccupations of this paper which also attempts to clarify the nature of some of the inherent limits which must be taken into consideration if the pattern of future communication is to contribute significantly to any response to the emerging world crisis - and if the quality of individual and collective life is to be enhanced.

erging world crisis - and if the quality of individual and collective life is to be enhanced.