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Discovering richer patterns of comprehension to reframe polarization


Discovering Richer Patterns of Comprehension to Reframe Polarization
4-phase comprehension
8-phase comprehension
16-phase comprehension

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2-phase comprehension

Possession (of). Ownership. "Mine -- it belongs to me; it is known thru me". Others have no ownership rights. Unification, order, integration, focus, agreement, defined,  aligned. Right. Linear time. Scheduling. "My time and agenda". Certainty, impatience, consistency, constraint, imposition.
Non-possession. Possession (by). Non-ownership. "Not mine -- I am identified thru it; I belong to it". Possessed or owned by another. Diversity, fragmentation, disagreement, enrichment, adulteration, unbound,  non-aligned. Obligation. Poly-time; diversity of times. Shared (permeable)  time and agendas. Uncertainty, patience, inconsistency, acceptance, unconstrained, adaptive.