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Titles of Kairos documents

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Title Secondary title Yearsort ascending Citations to Kairos Partno
Engaging an Opposing Ideology via Martial Arts Philosophy Reframing the challenge of Trump and Jihadism as worthy opponents 2016 0 1
Time for Delivery of Food and Water Bombs by Drone? Voluminous thinking to complement the lateral thinking of the international community 2016 2 1
Questionable Classification of Figures of Speech As fundamental to the need for powerful rhetoric in governance 2016 2 1
Concordian Mandala as a Symbolic Nexus Insights from dynamics of a pentagonal configuration of nonagons in 3D 2016 46 1
Variety of System Failures Engendered by Negligent Distinctions Mnemonic clues to 72 modes of viable system failure from a demonic pattern language 2016 42 1
Radical Innovators Beware -- in the arts, sciences and philosophy Terrifying implications of radical new deradicalisation initiative in France 2016 30 1
Global Economy of Truth as a Ponzi Scheme Personal cognitive implication in globalization? 2016 0 1
Evaluating the Grossness of Gross Domestic Product Refugees Per Kiloton (RPK) as a missing indicator? 2016 16 1
Challenging Questions of Global Significance from the Young Can satisfactory answers be found for savvy kids? 2016 32 1
Radicalisation versus Demonisation? Enabling radical initiatives under conditions of strategic stalemate 2015 24 1
Salvation Enabled by Systemic Comprehension Via aesthetics of magic squares? 2015 20 1
Embodying Global Hegemony through a Sustaining Pattern of Discourse Cognitive challenge of dominion over all one surveys 2015 52 1
Strategic Questions for Europe Regarding Forced Immigration from Africa In the light of the continuing influx and the associated fatalities 2015 9 1
Enhancing Strategic Discourse Systematically using Climate Metaphors Widespread comprehension of system dynamics in weather patterns as a resource 2015 70 1
Enabling Fruitful Multiplication of Global Population Eliciting massive social consensus by unconstrained reframing of strategic priorities 2015 29 1
The Saving of Humanity framed by Sinking of the Titanic Rising sea of discontent engendered by warming climate of opinion 2015 8 1
Comprehensive Pattern of Psychosocial Diseases and the Eases they Imply 2015 1 1
Memetic Analogue to the 20 Amino Acids as vital to Psychosocial Life? Number 37 as indicative of fruitful pathways of transformation? 2015 76 1
Future Conference Organization as a Wicked Problem? Self-referential upgrading of obsolete conference processes inhibiting emergence of integrative knowledge 2015 15 1
Eliciting Insight from Covert Operations by US Understanding global governance otherwise in response to THEM 2015 69 1
Coming Out as a Radical -- or Coming In? Risks of cultivating negative capability in a caliphate of normality 2015 45 1
Embodying Strategic Self-reference in a World Futures Conference Transcending the wicked problem engendered by projecting negativity elsewhere 2015 75 1
Requisite Meta-reflection on Engagement in Systemic Change? Fiat, fatwa and world-making in a period of existential radicalisation 2015 0 1
Papal Concern for Climate Change and Refugee Care A means of concealing criminal systemic negligence? 2015 32 1
Experimental Revolutionary Animations of a Chinese Pattern of Metaphors Based on rotations of a circular configuration of I Ching hexagrams 2015 3 1