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Cognitive Adaptation of the I Ching Conditions for the Existentially Challenged 2015 77 1
Changing Patterns using Transformation Pathways Exploring camp-us inspiration by an alien world view as a metaphor 2015 59 1
Dreams that Dialogue is Made Of Radical reframing offering neglected degrees of freedom 2015 20 1
Psychosocial Implication in Polyhedral Animations in 3D Patterns of change suggested by nesting, packing, and transforming symmetrical polyhedra 2015 12 1
Eliciting Memorable Spheres and Polyhedra from Hyperspace Integrative connectivity of problems, strategies, themes, groups or people 2015 25 1
Is this a Weapon I See Before Me, the Trigger Toward My Hand? Barack Obama's soliloquy by Willy ShakesUS 2014 1 1
Systemic Reliance of World Religions on Human Sacrifice Covert use of fatal conflict to ensure vital resource management 2014 50 1
Supplementary References for Blackbird Song 2014 1 1
Eradication as the Strategic Final Solution of the 21st Century? Indicative checklist of possible domains of application 2014 42 1
The-O Ring and The Bull Ring as Spectacular Archetypes Dramatic correlation of theatre, theory, theorem, theology, and theosophy 2014 77 1
Engaging with Insight of a Higher Order Reconciling complexity and simplexity through memorable metaphor 2014 78 1
Radical Cognitive Mirroring of Globalization Dynamically inning the unquestioningly outed 2014 75 1
Implication of the 12 Knights in any Strategic Round Table Each circulating globally in quest of sustainability and immortality 2014 54 1
Corpus Callosum of the Global Brain? Locating the integrative function within the world wide web 2014 16 1
Comprehension of Numbers Challenging Global Civilization Number games people play for survival 2014 66 1
Metascience Enabling Upgrades to the Scientific Process Beyond Science 2.0 in the light of polyhedral metaphors? 2014 61 1
Nos Morituri Te Salutamus Salute of Iraqi Citizens to the Coalition of the Willing -- once again 2014 1 1
Being neither Dead nor Alive But how to know now? 2014 52 1
Engendering Viable Global Futures through Hemispheric Integration A radical challenge to individual imagination 2014 54 1
Quantum Wampum Essential to Navigating Ragnarok Thrival in crisis through embodying turbulent flow 2014 80 1
Vital Collective Learning from Biased Media Coverage Acquiring vigilance to deceptive strategies used in mugging the world 2014 14 1
Flowering of Civilization -- Deflowering of Culture Flow as a necessarily complex experiential dynamic 2014 56 1
The-O ring: Theory, Theorem, Theology, Theosophy? A playful intercultural quest for fruitful complementarity 2014 40 1
Adhering to God's Plan in a Global Society Serious problems framed by the Pope from a transfinite perspective 2014 70 1
Challenges More Difficult for Science than Going to Mars Or exploring the origins of the Universe or of Life on Earth 2014 23 1