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Titles of Kairos documents

Kairos document title
Number of Kairos documents cited
Title Secondary title Yearsort ascending Citations to Kairos Partno
Burnies versus Greenies ? Refocusing the communication challenge for the Greens 2013 7 1
Psychosocial Implication in Gamma Animation Epimemetics for a Brave New World 2013 43 1
Wholth as Sustaining Dynamic of Health and Wealth Cognitive dynamics sustaining the meta-pattern that connects 2013 55 1
World Futures Conference as Catastrophic Question From performance to morphogenesis and transformation 2013 58 1
Being a Waveform of Potential as an Experiential Choice Emergent dynamic qualities of identity and integrity 2013 51 1
Cyborgs, Legaborgs, Finaborgs, Mediborgs Meet the extraterrestrials - them is us 2013 11 1
University of Ignorance Engaging with nothing, the unknown, the incomprehensible, and the unsaid 2013 90 1
Affinity, Diaspora, Identity, Reunification, Return Reimagining possibilities of engaging with place and time 2013 66 1
Going Nowhere through Not-knowing Where to Go Sustaining the process of autopoiesis through point-making 2013 58 1
Systematic Gerrymandering of Declared Threats and Legality of Response Opportunistic exceptionalism underlying promulgated rules of governance 2013 41 1
Civilization as a Global Configuration of Silences Recognizing silence of a higher order 2013 40 1
Dynamic Transformation of Static Reporting of Global Processes Suggestions for process-oriented titles of global issue reports 2013 7 1
Transcending Simplistic Binary Contractual Relationships What is hindering their exploration? 2012 49 1
Enstoning through Petrification and Entombment 2012 5 1
Configuring the Varieties of Experiential Nothingness 2012 34 1
Tweeter, Tweeter, Little Star How I wonder what you are 2012 11 1
Knowledge Processes Neglected by Science Insights from the crisis of science and belief 2012 34 1
Scientific Gerrymandering of Boundaries of Overpopulation Debate Review of The Royal Society report -- People and the Planet 2012 30 1
Middle East Peace Potential through Dynamics in Spherical Geometry Engendering connectivity from incommensurable 5-fold and 6-fold conceptual frameworks 2012 42 1
Orbiting Round Nothingness across Communication Space Possibility of an Inter-other Transition Network 2012 16 1
Transforming and Interweaving the Ways of Being Stoned Imagination, Promise, Rocks, Memorials, Petrification 2012 83 1
Multi-phase Weaponisation of Replica Guns for Children Proposal of the Notional Rifle Association in response to school shootings 2012 5 1
Engaging with Everything Emergence of paradoxical forms of identity 2012 12 1
Exploring the Hidden Mysteries of Oxfam's Doughnut Recognizing the systemic negligence of an Earth Summit 2012 54 1
Considerable Conglomeration of Cons of Global Concern Eightfold constraint on constructive conflict control? 2012 11 1